Microsoft Project for the Web: Deploy pre-configured and ready-to-use configuration.
Introducing a new toolbox for managing project portfolios requires an effective adoption strategy. It is the only way the needs of PMO directors and project, portfolio, and program managers can
Considering start using Microsoft Project for the Web? In this article, you’ll get an overview of how to use Microsoft Project as a beginner. Microsoft Project for the Web is
Project Portfolio Management
Project portfolio management allows Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers to manage multiple, interrelated initiatives using a centralized or integrated framework. Effective PPM implementation should align project management with organizational approaches
Project management is one of the most data-driven fields. As a Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager, you need as much data as possible to ensure successful project completion. Project for
Projects are essential to all organizations’ goals and objectives. Successful project completions according to targeted purposes account for optimum company performance. But only through a robust project management plan can
Project Portfolio Management has emerged as a critical component for organizations seeking to improve their ability to manage several projects effectively. PPM refers to how a company handles project priority,
development test and production environments
Project Administration Challenges that Prompt the Use of FluentPro G.A. Suite Companies working with Microsoft Project Online often have a lot of configuration issues to handle. For PPM administrators, these
Configuration Audit
Why PMO Directors Struggle to Audit and Stay on Top of their Projects   PMO Directors and PPM Administrators handle mission-critical processes in their organizations. They rely on Microsoft Project
Table of contents: Change Management: The Basics How to establish enterprise-wide change management practices for PPM environment? What are the things a PMO needs to succeed? So what exactly is
IT initiatives today are driving digital transformation. It is aimed at creating business value and competitive differentiation. The ever-changing business environment increases the number, size, and complexities of projects. Thus,
Microsoft Project for the Web: Deploy pre-configured and ready-to-use configuration.