Get quick and easy visualization of projects, tasks, resources in Microsoft PPM solutions.
Product managers leverage analytics every day to influence their decision-making. By looking at the data, you identify issues, design projects, and allocate resources across the many stages of the project
Why Data Visualization is Still a Challenge for Project Management Offices When managing projects in Microsoft Project Online, PMOs and Executives face the need for data analytics and visualization. BI
For business organizations, extracting data from multiple sources is the key to making result-oriented project decisions. PMO directors are keen on data reporting and analytics from supported data sources such
The challenge of creating a project dashboard PMO directors often have a hard time creating portfolio or project-level dashboards where they can get a glance at key project parameters. Due
The relevance of data-driven decision-making is more prominent today than ever as enthusiasm around Big Data continues to grow. PMO Directors and PPM Administrators hold more respected positions in the
Whether your project data is presented using a simple Microsoft Excel book or a collection of cloud and local hybrid data warehouses, Power BI makes it easy to connect to
How does the internal business intelligence department abandon Excel without abandoning it? Indeed, each of you is familiar with the situation when the organization began to conduct internal analytics in
We all faced situations when you need to “quickly collect” data from some apps and export it into others. Or, when there are multiple disconnected places where the data is
On-premises data access in Power BI keeps your dashboards and reports up to date with local data sources. Thanks to local gateways, you can constantly update data by connecting to
Organizations use Microsoft Power Apps to simplify tasks, including employee onboarding, inspections, new user setups, service requests, and more. Power Apps is an app creator that enables users to build
Get quick and easy visualization of projects, tasks, resources in Microsoft PPM solutions.