Get quick and easy visualization of projects, tasks, resources in Microsoft PPM solutions.
Organizations use Microsoft Power Apps to simplify tasks, including employee onboarding, inspections, new user setups, service requests, and more. Power Apps is an app creator that enables users to build
In the modern world, information is the key to everything. If you know how to understand and use it effectively, the business will be successful. More and more numbers, we are
Business Intelligence systems, including Power BI, are tools for top management, PMs, and department heads, allowing you to have a complete picture of the current situation in any business unit. Power BI is a comprehensive and robust
Not so long ago I had to create a universal report in Power BI that would be used by several different clients. All of them used Microsoft Planner as a
Microsoft has always been both technically intricate, granular, and powerful in the eyes of hard-core software developers as well as user-friendly and intuitive in the eyes of the “vanilla” users
Using the Power BI function Publish to the Internet, you can easily integrate Power BI interactive visualizations to any of your digital assets: blog posts, websites, emails, or social networks.
Artificial Intelligence in Business Analytics is one of the strongest trends there are now. Combining AI with autonomous things was chosen by Gartner in their 2019 Strategic Technology Trends report,
The terms “Power Query,” “Power Pivot,” “Power BI,” and other “Power” more often appear in articles and materials about Microsoft Excel. Not everyone clearly understands what is behind these concepts,
Today is the big day for Microsoft PPM as it’s the date of the official release of Microsoft Project for Web – the new generation project management and collaboration tool.
Microsoft Power BI Embedded (PBIE) allows application developers to embed impressive, fully interactive reports into their applications, without wasting time and money on creating their own data visualizations and controls
Get quick and easy visualization of projects, tasks, resources in Microsoft PPM solutions.