Automated migration to Microsoft Project Online without risks and errors.
What is Microsoft Planner Although smaller, independent project management competitors have gained in popularity, Microsoft’s ability to link Planner with other Office applications gives it a great opportunity to open
Understanding the limits of the tools you’re choosing and identifying some of its major user issues is important in choosing the most convenient way for your organization to deal with
When choosing DIY Project Online migration with FluentPro FluentBooks, you should pay attention to common pitfalls that make the entire migration process flawless only on paper. A typical system has
Let’s start with a couple of basics. Project Online migration is the process of transferring information from one system to another. This can include transferring data between different file formats
Microsoft Planner is an easy-to-use and extremely visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for teams to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about
Microsoft Ignite 2018, the company’s annual conference, this year took place in Orlando, Florida. And while Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge, and AI grabbed the headlines, we’ve been watching out for
Microsoft Project Online
  It seems that the world is changing now faster than ever before, and companies aiming at success have to adapt just as fast. To keep up, organizations need to
PPM data migration to Project Online is essentially a part of the digital transformation strategy for an organization. A large number of different factors and moving variables makes the process
There’re a lot of tools used in project management, and chances are that you or your team may already be using some of them. That’s a good start. But how
In our previous post, we covered the key benefits of implementing Office 365 PPM in an organization and the costs associated with it. While the statistics say there is an
Automated migration to Microsoft Project Online without risks and errors.