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What is Microsoft Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the Web is a cloud-based project management tool introduced recently as a part of the Microsoft Project subscription, making the lives of project managers easier. Read on to learn more about Microsoft Project for the Web and simplify its usage.   Microsoft Project for the Web Microsoft Project for the Web is […]

What is Data Integrity?

Organizations today are processing and storing more information than ever. Consequently, preserving data health has become a crying need for companies. In this article, we talk about the importance of data integrity, the issues that come with it, and the steps you can undertake to address them.   Data Integrity Data integrity refers to the […]

Microsoft Project for the Web Adoption

Introducing a new toolbox for managing project portfolios requires an effective adoption strategy. It is the only way the needs of PMO directors and project, portfolio, and program managers can be seamlessly adapted to work with new software such as Microsoft Project for the Web. But finding the best approach that guarantees successful software implementation isn’t […]

Errors, Omission and Data Loss Protection for Microsoft Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the Web

Working in Microsoft Project for the Web, PMO directors or PPM administrators handle complex processes with many technical issues. Because of this, they may be apprehensive about possible data loss or corruption. Due to high risks, organizations rely on errors and omissions insurance to reduce their liability—but insurance policies won’t prevent damages or recover your […]

Microsoft Project Online Configuration Audit: Top 5 Things to Сheck

Configuration Audit

Why PMO Directors Struggle to Audit and Stay on Top of their Projects   PMO Directors and PPM Administrators handle mission-critical processes in their organizations. They rely on Microsoft Project Online configuration for documentation, surveillance, control, and other administrative functions to stay on top of their projects. PMOs also need to audit their configurations to […]

Microsoft Project Online Migration: Best Practices & Insights

Why Implementing Data Migration Best Practices is a Challenge   PMOs use Microsoft Project Online to govern and align projects with their organization’s business goals. Microsoft Project Online migration allows PMO directors to move PPM projects and environments to the cloud from Microsoft Project Server.   Migrating project data to Project Online is a challenging […]

10 Critical Factors for Successful Migration to Project Online

Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. Some features are standard, but some are not. That is why one day comes when organizations decide to migrate all the data from Project Server to Project Online. Migration is a very challenging task for PMO Directors and PPM Administrators. Using a script or […]

DataMart Storyboard: Simplify and Speed Up Access to the Reporting Data for Faster Decision Making

For business organizations, extracting data from multiple sources is the key to making result-oriented project decisions. PMO directors are keen on data reporting and analytics from supported data sources such as Office 365 Planner, Microsoft Project Server, and Microsoft Project Online. When data from these sources are extracted into a complete storyboard, they assist PPM […]

DataMart: How to Build Portfolio or Project Level Dashboards Just in Seconds

The challenge of creating a project dashboard PMO directors often have a hard time creating a portfolio or project-level dashboards where they can get a glance at key project parameters. Due to this challenge, it becomes hard for them to make sense of their data and drive project parameters.   Dashboards are powerful visual tools […]

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