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Project Backup for Microsoft Project for the Web

Organizations use modern project management tools such as Microsoft Project for the Web to manage hundreds of projects at once. These project systems contain numerous mission-critical data, and one mistake in data migration, sharing, and management can disrupt operations. PMO directors are looking for the best project backup solutions to eliminate the risk of losing […]

Get Started with Project for the Web

Considering start using Microsoft Project for the Web? In this article, you’ll get an overview of how to use Microsoft Project as a beginner. Microsoft Project for the Web is a platform for project management and cloud-based work. Team members and project, program, and portfolio managers can use its simple yet powerful work management capabilities […]

Project Portfolio Management: On-Premise vs Cloud

Choosing project portfolio management software, organizations may question what’s the difference between on-premise vs cloud based platforms. On-premise (sometimes called customer-hosted) software solutions are installed and managed on-site, in an organization’s own data center, instead of cloud software, which is hosted offsite and accessed via the internet. While both have their advantages, an organization must […]

Planning Cloud PPM Migration: Best Practices

Cloud PPM migration is a process of moving projects and other project data from an organization’s premises to a cloud project portfolio management platform (PPM). You can migrate all of your project data to the cloud or take a hybrid approach to move some programs to the cloud while others remain on-premise. In either case, […]

Simple Steps to Implement Successful Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management allows Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers to manage multiple, interrelated initiatives using a centralized or integrated framework. Effective PPM implementation should align project management with organizational approaches and strategic goals. As a portfolio manager, you need a robust solution to establish your portfolio management process.   Analyze your current state As organizations […]

Extend Microsoft Project for the Web with Power Platform

Project management is one of the most data-driven fields. As a Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager, you need as much data as possible to ensure successful project completion. Project for the Web is the latest Microsoft PPM solution built on Microsoft Power Platform. To adopt and extend Project for the Web functionality, you can benefit […]

A Simple Project Management Checklist

Projects are essential to all organizations’ goals and objectives. Successful project completions according to targeted purposes account for optimum company performance. But only through a robust project management plan can companies perform better, accomplish goals faster, and be more efficient. Thus, when reviewing monthly project management reports, organizations want the best project management techniques. Project […]

Beginner’s Guide to Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management has emerged as a critical component for organizations seeking to improve their ability to manage several projects effectively. PPM refers to how a company handles project priority, resource allocation, budgeting, scheduling, and other project elements.   Therefore, project portfolio management serves to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. With systematic project […]

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