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Migration MS Project Server

Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. However, PWA administrators and PMO team members must scramble to look for ways to migrate their projects every time Microsoft updates the MS Project Server to enhance its capabilities. PWA Administrators and PMO team members look for the best ways to migrate their projects. […]

Guide for Successful Project Online Migration to the Project Server

Migrating from Microsoft Project Online to Project Server requires meticulous planning. Most organizations use Project Online to cut back on hidden charges and make scalable project performance. However, all successful Microsoft Project Online migration relies on technical expertise and support, which IT administrators can get in specific cloud migration solutions.   Migrating MS Project Online […]

FluentBooks Alternatives

FluentPro FluentBooks is a migration and configuration management software for Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. The desktop application is designed to help administrators perform configuration management, data administration, Microsoft Project Server migration, Microsoft Project Online migration, SharePoint migration, and more.   FluentBooks: Features FluentBooks allows you to migrate   from one Project Server or […]

Project Portfolio Management: On-Premise vs Cloud

Choosing project portfolio management software, organizations may question what’s the difference between on-premise vs cloud based platforms. On-premise (sometimes called customer-hosted) software solutions are installed and managed on-site, in an organization’s own data center, instead of cloud software, which is hosted offsite and accessed via the internet. While both have their advantages, an organization must […]

Planning Cloud PPM Migration: Best Practices

Cloud PPM migration is a process of moving projects and other project data from an organization’s premises to a cloud project portfolio management platform (PPM). You can migrate all of your project data to the cloud or take a hybrid approach to move some programs to the cloud while others remain on-premise. In either case, […]

Things to Consider When Migrating to Microsoft Project Online

migrating to Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a comprehensive cloud-based solution developed by Microsoft for project and portfolio management. Organizations use it to govern their projects while keeping them aligned with strategic priorities. For most companies that still use Microsoft Project Server, migrating to Project Online is a must-do action, and it requires diligent planning and preparations. Management […]

Microsoft Project Online Migration: Best Practices & Insights

Why Implementing Data Migration Best Practices is a Challenge   PMOs use Microsoft Project Online to govern and align projects with their organization’s business goals. Microsoft Project Online migration allows PMO directors to move PPM projects and environments to the cloud from Microsoft Project Server.   Migrating project data to Project Online is a challenging […]

10 Critical Factors for Successful Migration to Project Online

Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. Some features are standard, but some are not. That is why one day comes when organizations decide to migrate all the data from Project Server to Project Online. Migration is a very challenging task for PMO Directors and PPM Administrators. Using a script or […]

Project Online Adoption: What Is the Role of PMO in This Process?

Like any innovation, the introduction of a new approach and toolbox, such as Microsoft Project Online adoption and implementation, at the very beginning is seen as the “make everything great” magic button. But if you assume that the work is to stop there, then you will be disappointed. Implementing PPM standard instructions and templates is […]

Quick Access via Keyboard Shortcuts in Project Online

External keyboard with keyboard shortcuts appears to be the more effective way of working with Microsoft Project Online for many of its users. Moreover, there are users with mobility or vision disabilities, and keyboard shortcuts may be a much more comfortable alternative for them than using the touchscreen or a mouse. This article will help […]

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