Microsoft Project Online Change Management: Part 1 Cover

Microsoft Project Online Change Management: Part 1

  Microsoft Project Online Change Management: Part 1   These days, the only permanent thing in the business world is change. Therefore, the ability to adapt has become essential to a company’s success. To keep up, organizations need to alter internal processes and strategies, including corporate IT infrastructure...

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Reporting with Microsoft Office 365 Planner

Reporting With Microsoft Office 365 Planner

  An outstanding and extremely detailed overview on how and what to report when you and your team use Microsoft Planner by Brian Smith.   Microsoft Planner: Considerations for Reporting Part 1 I was very fortunate recently to get the chance to present at Microsoft Ready, an internal worldwide training...

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Microsoft Project Online - Office 365 Planner Integration

Integration With Microsoft Project Online

  Lightweight Project Management Using Microsoft Office 365 Planner Implementing a working project management platform in an organization is a challenging task. The platform must account for the needs and desires of the business, stakeholders and sponsors; and same time, provide intuitive, easy to use tools for...

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