Enterprise PMO: Microsoft Project Online and ServiceNow Integration for Demand Management

Challenges Using ServiceNow Microsoft Project Online Simultaneously  


Many organizations use multiple project management systems simultaneously for enhanced project portfolio management. For example, enterprise PMOs usually capture demand in ServiceNow, then manage and execute projects in Microsoft Project Online. This process can be time-consuming. So, they want a solution to initiate projects in Project Online from ServiceNow and feedback on the progress to ServiceNow automatically.


Moreover, when PMOs and PPM administrators use both Project Online and ServiceNow for demand management, they face more technical challenges:


  • Manual updating is prone to errors and omissions.
  • The process takes much time and effort.
  • Limited portfolio visibility.
  • The project status is unclear.
  • Disconnected work management systems.
  • Projects are all over the place.
  • Low productivity, as much time is spent on manual updates.

Technical challenges also make it difficult for PMOs to establish a unified PPM framework, automate workflows, and manage processes and costs efficiently. Therefore, enterprise PMOs need robust tools to automate and simplify ServiceNow Microsoft Project integration.


How Integration Hub streamlines ServiceNow Microsoft Project Online integration


FluentPro Integration Hub is a cloud-based solution that simplifies ServiceNow Microsoft Project Online integration. It allows enterprise PMOs to connect and synchronize project data to and from Project Online and ServiceNow.


You can also use one-way or bidirectional synchronizations for on-demand or scheduled integrations. With scheduled bidirectional sync, Integration Hub automatically checks ServiceNow for changes and updates the information in Project Online.


As an enterprise PMO, you can rely on this middleware solution to streamline your ServiceNow integration. In addition, it can help you establish a unified PPM framework in your organization.


Integration Hub offers a consolidated view of all activities and allows you to leverage Project Online and ServiceNow simultaneously for PMO demand management.



Learn more about Integration Hub.



What is FluentPro Integration Hub?


FluentPro Integration Hub is a cloud-based middleware that allows PMOs to connect their project portfolio management systems. It simplifies ServiceNow Microsoft Project integration with one-way and bidirectional synchronizations.


Integration Hub also allows you to implement configurable data integration to define when and what to sync. For example, you can configure your integration for specific operations in ServiceNow to sync and update information in Project Online.


To set up your ServiceNow integration, use Source App Details, Target App Details, and Filter Rules. These fields allow you to define the source and target systems and which messages in ServiceNow to synchronize and update in Project Online. With Integration Hub, you can sync and exploit Project Online and ServiceNow without any technical challenges.


This cloud integration product does not require coding or technical assistance to connect PPM systems. However, you can input JavaScript code on Source and Target script fields to transform data or configure target-side execution.


This middleware solution is all you need to stay on top and streamline your PMO demand management.



ServiceNow Integration



Benefits of Using Integration Hub for Project Online integration


PMO demand management allows you to manage your portfolio and resources efficiently. Integration Hub can help you fulfill project demands and meet your organization’s needs bringing numerous benefits:


  • Save Time. Large-scale projects and programs involve tons of administrative tasks completed manually. Integration Hub automates all activities, eliminates excess reporting, and saves hours and days.
  • Eliminate Data Loss. Automating synchronization, Integration Hub reduces all risks related to human errors.
  • Cut Costs. Integration Hub does not require your organization to invest in technical assistance. It can help you stay on top and reduce overall costs automating the process.
  • Increase ROI. Using Integration Hub to connect ServiceNow and Project Online can boost the productivity of all company’s teams and increase ROI.
  • Data Security. FluentPro Integration Hub is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure. You can rely on its security protocols and FluentPro’s high-security standards to protect your data.


Call FluentPro to automate your ServiceNow Integration


As an enterprise PMO, you need to ensure your organization’s processes are running successfully. The FluentPro team understands the complexities of managing large projects and remote teams. Our cloud integration products can help you leverage Project Online and ServiceNow simultaneously, update all the information, push high-level tasks between project management platforms, and get updates on projects from development teams without switching to another platform.


We can automate your integration, eliminate excess reporting and bureaucracy, boost productivity, and increase ROI. To take out the hassle and technical challenges in your PMO demand management, call the FluentPro team today.



You can request the trial license right now from the FluentPro Sales Team. To submit a request, please fill in the Contact Us form or send an email to sales@fluentpro.com.

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