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FluentPro Announces New Pricing for Integration Hub

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Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

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FluentPro Software is introducing an updated pricing model for Integration Hub. The update targets small and medium-sized businesses and aims to make the solution a more competitive and affordable solution for SMBs.

FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading, cloud-based middleware integration platform for connecting Project and Portfolio, Work Management, and Financial Management systems. It is a universal, scalable and extendable solution that supports multiple standard connectors and allows users to implement unique integration scenarios.

What has changed since New Pricing for Integration Hub?

● The pricing has now become simpler – billing is based on monthly usage vs. total annual allocation of endpoints.
● The subscription cost is now reduced by up to 50%. More detailed information can be found on the Integration Hub page or by contacting FluentPro Sales Team.

These changes make Integration Hub a more cost-effective option for integrating Project Online with other work management systems.

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