FluentPro G. A. Suite Updates Digest: What’s New in August?

Our team is constantly working on new features and improvements of current functionality, to make your experience with FluentPro G. A. Suite as perfect as it can be. This month, we released a new wizard for on-premises installation of G. A. Suite, added multi-factor authentication support and added some new features to Backup and Compare wizards. Stay tuned, as we have big plans for the coming months!

On-Premises G.A. Suite Installer


An enhanced, fully automated version of on-premises G.A. Suite Installer has been released this August to make G.A. Suite on-premises installation fast and easy.


Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 Users

Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365 users is now available in G.A. Suite. When you sign up, log in, make changes in Connection Settings or use specific credentials in G.A. Suite, you can now use Office 365 accounts with multi-factor authentication enabled.

Projects Check-Out Status

If you select to backup or publish only selected Projects, when you get to ‘Add Projects’ page, you will be able to see the projects that are checked out on your PWA and decide if you would like to proceed to publishing them. Projects that are checked out on the PWA will be marked with a corresponding icon. You can sort the Projects by this field, if needed.

If you decide to publish Projects that are checked out on your PWA, unsaved data will be lost during the republish of these projects. Having this icon on ‘Add Projects’ page makes it easy to understand if it is safe to republish the selected Projects and check in the Projects, if required.

Selective Comparison of Resources


When you compare your PWAs Configuration, you can now select what particular Resources you would like to include into this comparison. If you have a bunch of Resources on your PWA and would like to compare only the ones that are present on another PWA to see how they are different, you can select Resources that you would like to include into comparison and save a lot of time during this process.


Also, Reporting settings and Additional server settings are now supported by G.A. Suite for Backing up and Copying PWA Configuration operations.

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