FluentPro G. A. Suite Updates Digest: What’s New in February?

Our team is constantly working on new features and improvements of current functionality, to make your experience with FluentPro G. A. Suite as perfect as it can be. This month, we improved the projects and sites selection process and updated the license limitations!


Improved Selection Functionality


Advanced selection allows to quickly select a number of specific Projects and SharePoint Sites for backup or copying operations. This option will be helpful when you have a significant number of projects and SharePoint Sites but you need to copy or backup only a part of them.

There are two ways how to select specific projects/sites from the list:

Selecting a number of projects/sites using ‘Shift’ option

This option allows to select a number of the required projects from the list at one go (from top to the bottom). You can take advantage of it if you need to select the first 20 projects out of 100, for example.

Selecting a number of projects/sites using ‘Ctrl + C/V’ option

In case you need to backup/copy only specific Projects or SharePoint sites from the list where the number of projects/sites is too big to search for each one separately, we recommend using the following option.

License Limitation Updates


Also, we have made some adjustments in License limitations for G.A. Suite Free Edition.

G.A. Suite Free Edition offers users possibility to backup 25 projects and project sites, connected to them, and use 10 GB of data storage. Additionally, ‘Document Now’ and ‘Publish Projects’ options will be available.

All other elements of G.A. Suite functionality (copy, comparison, etc.) will be disabled.

If the limit of 25 projects and 10 GB of data storage is exceeded, then after 7 days G.A. Suite will stop processing scheduling profiles. The operations launched manually will no longer be available as well. G.A. Suite functionality will not be available until you obtain a paid license for more projects and data storage or remove your old backups.

To stay within your free license limits we recommend setting up retention policy to delete old backups automatically or deleting old, unnecessary backup files from the backups list manually.

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