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FluentPro Software July 2017 Newsletter


A quick overview on this month’s company news, releases, events and webinars.

Meet Us At “SharePoint Fest Seattle 2017”

FluentPro is sponsoring “SharePoint Fest Seattle 2017”. Please stop by our booth to learn more about products, solutions and services we provide. We will showcase our solution for Office 365 Project Management that includes integration with multiple systems line Jira, Planner, VSTS and others. In case you’d be interested in booking some extra time for a talk, meeting, or a demo, please send us an email




P.S. Don’t forget to use a special FluentProSeattle15 promo code for a 15% discount! on entrance ticket



Looking forward to seeing you there!


Let’s Meet @ Microsoft Ignite 2017!



We will also attend this year’s Microsoft Ignite, September 25-29 in Orlando, Florida. In case you’d like to meet us there, just send us a message:




Product News




In July, FluentBooks received some minor improvements to its Upload/Download and Export/Import features:

  • ImportExport SharePoint sites – search lists by UID instead of title
  • Download Projects to FPP files – loading custom fields data from OData, if PSI fails
  • DownloadUpload Configuration – migrate new EPT settings (project site creation)
  • Upload Projects from FPP files – allow to import master project team for non-Project Online projects

You can read more about this release at FluentBooks Release Notes section.
Alternatively, visit the product page. For more information about the product, please contact us





EPM Pulse

EPM Pulse July improvements are listed below:

  • [NEW] – Choice of dashboard for Home Page
  • [NEW] – Notification Bar with warning that sync account does not meet requirements
  • [IMPROVEMENT] of SharePoint Lists synchronization from non-English PWAs

For more information, please read about this release here or contact us
You may also visit the product page


Download EPM Pulse at our Office Store page

Integration Hub

In July, Integration Hub has received the following connector improvements:

Scenario: Project Online & SharePoint Online.

  • [NEW] Mapping by any custom field supported
  • [NEW] “Person or Group” field type supported
  • [NEW] “Link” field type supported

Scenario: Project Online & VSTS.

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Issue types in batch sync
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tracking of the working hours for tasks in hierarchical structure.

Scenario: Project Online & Planner.

  • [NEW] Multi-assignments supported.

Scenario: Project Online & JIRA.

  • [NEW] Sub-scenario: logged time is synced from parent issue in JIRA.


For more information about the product, please contact us

You may also visit the product page

Microsoft PPM Digest Review



Weekly Microsoft PPM Lifecycle Digest where we pick out all the most relevant and interesting industry news, articles, posts and updates specially for you. Read our latest digest issue here.

Events and Webinars


During July we’ve conducted several webinars including:

  • July 25th – Microsoft Project Online as Unified Work and Project Management Platform. View Recording.


Our August webinars will be held as follows:

  • August 17th, Lightweight Enterprise Project Management using Microsoft Office 365


For FluentPro Upcoming Webinars calendar please visit this page.

You may register for these events right now. Additionally, we will send you relevant reminders, so those of you eager to participate won’t miss the events.



Feel welcome to get in touch with us any time!