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Quick Access via Keyboard Shortcuts in Project Online

External keyboard with keyboard shortcuts appears to be the more effective way of working with Microsoft Project Online for many of its users. Moreover, there are users with mobility or vision disabilities, and keyboard shortcuts may be a much more comfortable alternative for them than using the touchscreen or a mouse. This article will help […]

Microsoft Project for Web 2019 vs. Project Online: What’s Best for Enterprise Project Management?

Project Management

Microsoft Project for Web is a lightweight program to address project task management and teamwork. Microsoft also offers another, more complex project management solution, Microsoft Project Online, which is more suitable for Enterprise project management users. You may ask – why two products? What’s the difference? Which one should I use? Should I use both? […]

Microsoft Project 2019 vs. Asana: The Ultimate Functionality Comparison

The recently launched new Microsoft Project 2019 is also known as Microsoft Project is the latest project management and collaboration tool to hit the market, and if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, it’s worth a look. With Microsoft Project, Microsoft is now offering an intuitive project collaboration tool based on Agile project management. Microsoft developed it as a tool for the new generation of project managers who find Microsoft Project Online to be […]

Project Online vs. Oracle Primavera

Project Online vs. Oracle

Understanding the limits of the tools you’re choosing and identifying some of its major user issues is important in choosing the most convenient way for your organization to deal with both day-to-day and long-term tasks and goals.   Project Online was initially developed as a flexible and vibrant version of Project Server, which is basically […]

Managing the Environment Lifecycle in Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online

  It seems that the world is changing now faster than ever before, and companies aiming at success have to adapt just as fast. To keep up, organizations need to adjust internal processes and strategies, including corporate IT infrastructure and environments.   Project portfolio management software composes part of the IT infrastructure, therefore, it should […]

Top 10 Project Online Migration Risks

As most know, the process of migrating to Microsoft Project Online can become really complicated and time consuming. To address this, we at FluentPro have built a tool designed to make the process automated and reduce Project Online migration risks to minimum  – FluentPro FluentBooks.   FluentBooks automates a number of tasks and processes, saving […]

FluentPro Announces New Pricing for Integration Hub

FluentPro Software is introducing an updated pricing model for Integration Hub. The update is targeted primarily at small and medium-sized businesses and aimed at making Integration Hub a more competitive and affordable solution for SMBs.   FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading, cloud-based, middleware integration platform for connecting Project and Portfolio, Work Management, and Financial […]

FluentPro G.A. Suite or FluentBooks: Which One to Pick Up?

When it comes to proper tools and practices that help users manage Microsoft Project Online environments, the FluentPro team has two major products to offer: FluentBooks and Governance and Administration Suite (G.A. Suite). Although the software packages are designed with different goals in mind, they do share some features. So, let’s explore both tools in […]

Archiving Information in Microsoft Project Online

Archiving Information

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed a disaster recovery scenario using FluentPro G.A. Suite. This time, we’ll go over a slightly different data management use case that is very common for large organizations.   Imagine a company where thousands of projects are created each year, and all this data has to be […]

Projects and Portfolios: Planning Budget in Microsoft Project Online

Budget Planning Process for Projects and Portfolios in Microsoft Project Online   Various statistics show that approximately 43% of projects exceed their planned budget. If you’re in Project Management, you probably know how challenging it is to meet deadlines and keep project costs within budget. And while there are a lot of tips, tricks, and […]

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