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FluentPro FluentBooks
FluentBooks is a unique migration and configuration management software solution for Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. It is a perfect choice for an easy, accurate migration to Microsoft Project Online that automates your work, giving you full control over the migration process, high speed, and safety of your data.

What You Get With FluentPro FluentBooks

Automation & Speed

No need to spend hours on manual work when moving PWA configuration and making sure that everything is correct. Automate your Project Online migration, save up to 70% of time and avoid human errors.

Full Migration

Migrate not just SharePoint content, but all your data: sites, projects, permissions and configuration of your PWA. Enjoy fast, hassle-free and not resource-consuming migration with FluentBooks!

Configuration Management

Reduce or even eliminate all the manual work in your PWA configuration management and administration process. FluentBooks has PWA documenting, bulk edits, comparison and other features.

Multiple Platforms

FluentBooks allows you to migrate any editions of Microsoft Project Server (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) to Project Online, as well as migrate Project Server 2007/2010 to 2013 or perform Project Server 2013 to 2016 migration.

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FluentBooks Editions

FluentBooks for Project Online

The software solution that allows to migrate
Project Server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 to Project Online

FluentBooks for Project Server

Software solution that allows:
- to migrate Project Server 2010 to 2013
- to upgrade project server 2013 or 2016 to 2019

FluentBooks Features & Benefits

Hassle-Free Migration

FluentBooks is the only solution that provides a complete toolset for a secure, fast and full migration of Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. It allows to migrate Sharepoint content, timesheets, PWA configuration, permissions and all the other parameters and data with amazing granularity, where you can choose exactly what you want to move to your new environment.

Configuration Management

By purchasing FluentBooks, you get not just a migration tool, but a powerful PWA configuration management suite which will be your time and effort saver for years. It allows to perform PWA configuration audits and comparison to make sure everything is correct, merge two different PWAs into one, granularly edit projects and resources in bulk, and many other useful features.


FluentBooks is a desktop application that you install on your machine (physical or virtual), so when you use the software, your all data is saved locally, including PWA configuration data, SharePoint content, projects , log files, etc. During the migration, all the data is encrypted with the latest TLS protocol. Contact us for detailed security documentation.


FluentBooks allows to automatically document your PWA configuration with further export to Excel. If you need to upload an existing configuration from Excel to your PWA, the application also allows doing that, so if you use documentation features, you won’t be ever afraid of losing your configuration data: FluentBooks will save you from these concerns.


If you need professional assistance for your migration, FluentPro offers not just a perfect tool, but also years of expertise gained from dozens of migrations that our team performed over years. We are happy to help you to migrate your PWA configuration, settings, timesheets, projects and project sites from MS Project Server 2010/2013/2016/2019 to Project Online or perform other migration scenarios.

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FluentBooks Pricing

FluentBooks for

Project Online


Annual subscription

 2 PWAs within a single tenant

Content Migration

Configuration Management

+ G.A. Suite (Project Online) for 100 projects and 2 PWAs

* Purchase of a one-time Premium Support package is mandatory for Migration scenario. Contact us for details

FluentBooks for 

Project Server


Annual subscription

 3 PWAs within a single tenant

Content Migration

Configuration Management

Purchase of a one-time Premium Support package is mandatory for Migration scenario. Contact us for details

Need More PWAs?


Annual subscription

 More PWAs within a single tenant

Content Migration

Configuration Management

* FluentBooks for Migration requires one time Premium Support.

Value Brought by FluentBooks to Your Organization

Up to 10 times faster migration and months of time saved.

Enhanced configuration change management processes in your organization.

Fewer errors during the migration due to a complete automation.

Much less time spent on bulk edit operations (projects, resources, lookup tables).

Identification of potential conflicts and errors prior to an actual migration.

FluentBooks eliminates manual and boring, repetitive work from PWA administrator’s routine.

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