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FluentPro Financials for Project Online
Gain full control over your project finances
and improve profitability with a seamlessly integrated
Project Online Financial Management app.

About the Product


The FluentPro© Financials for Project Online is a Project Online App, available in the Office Store that delivers financial categorization, scenario models, financial roll ups, analytics, estimating and reporting.


Costs and budget are integral to the project’s success. And while there’s a number of factors that contribute to cost overruns and schedule delays, proper planning, cost transparency and control over expenses are elements that can make the difference.


FluentPro Financials seamlessly integrates with MS Project Online to give PMOs greater control over portfolio spending, enabling them to increase ROI on every project stage


Business value on all project stages

Estimation and planning

  • Draft more accurate initial estimates of what investment it will take to complete the project.
  • Estimate the benefits your company will gain from a project.
  • Model various project cost scenarios using cost roll-ups.

Budgeting and project finances

  • Perform more detailed and flexible cost planning with user-defined cost types and cost categorization.


  • Break down project costs using detailed analysis.
  • Optimize financial visibility across multiple portfolios with FluentPro Financials’ reporting. feature, which includes actual vs. planned mode.
FluentPro Financials Screen 2

FluentPro Financials Power BI Pack

To extend the reporting capabilities of FluentPro Financials, our team has introduced Power BI Pack and made it an integral part of Financials. Users are now able to create and visualize reports based on Project and Portfolio financial information, as well as add them to their standard dashboards in Power BI.


FluentPro Financials integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project Online and provides a number of features critical for the projects’ financial success. Using its capabilities, project managers can do more accurate and comprehensive budgeting, draft initial estimates, use forecasts, model project cost scenarios, and more.


Financials Power BI Pack delivers an easy and seamless transfer of your financial reports to Microsoft Power BI for further analyse and processing.



FluentPro Financials Power BI Pack offers you the following features:

  • Full ability to edit and further process your reports by Power BI
  • Accurate and comprehensive reports with graphical representation
  • Projects cost comparison
  • Clear report categorization



Click on the link below to download the Power BI template file. To learn how to install and setup the Power BI Pack, please refer to this article.

FluentPro Financials Power BI Pack Project Cost Summary

FluentPro Financials for Project Online Features


Top-down financial management for all your projects. Track budget, forecast, actuals, accruals, and benefits across multiple cost categories.


Deliver transparency to the organization by unlocking financial impacts of proposed initiatives.


Visualize project financials in real-time using tens of reports and dashboards and produce actionable data for better decision making through Power BI. Drill down to single costs line, export to Excel or PowerPoint, embed into SharePoint sites.


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Additional Materials on Project Online Financial Management

FluentPro Financials Brochure

FluentPro Financials for Project Online Cover

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