FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite
Product Roadmap


Improved & Simplified Registration Process

A simplified sign up form and a streamlined registration process will allow all new users to register in G.A. Suite as a matter of minutes and start using the application at once.

On-Boarding Wizard

An On-boarding wizard will appear directly upon a successful registration process to guide a user through configuration settings and create your first scheduled backup of Microsoft Project Plans, PWA configuration and SharePoint Sites.

UI/UX Redesign

We are improving design of G.A. Suite application to optimize user experience and facilitate sign up, backup and restore processes. As a first step, redesign of sign up and onboarding pages are performed and will provide you with an easy path to go through the pages and successfully start using the application.

Advanced SharePoint Restore

Improvements in SharePoint restore configurations will allow users to perform selectively backup and restore operations with such components as SharePoint lists and/or libraries, SharePoint security groups, workflows. Also, users will be able to backup and restore content that resides at the root level of a SharePoint Site Collection (content that is located on the PWA Site itself and not on the subsite).


UI/ UX Redesign

We will continue further with UI / UX redesign to improve home page experience for our users.

Credentials Manager

Credentials Manager menu will allow users of G.A. Suite to facilitate their work with PWA credentials and edit and update PWA password settings from one page.

G.A. Suite Tenant Preferences Menu

New settings menu will allow users to configure time zone for their G.A. Suite Tenant, provide an email for G.A. Suite actions and limits related notifications and subscribe to G.A. Suite & FluentPro newsletters.

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