QuickStart Project Online Implementation
Ready to implement Microsoft Project Online in your organization and looking for the best and the most effective way to do it?

We have a solution. Our QuickStart Project Online Implementation service will get your PWA up-and-running in just three days. We do this by deploying our state-of-the-art PWA configuration to your Microsoft Project Online and deploy PPM Express  – our amazing modern interface for executives and Project Management Office.

Our Approach

 Project Online Configuration


We deploy and implement the industry-proven Microsoft Project Online configuration to your PWA in 1 to 3 business days instead of weeks. Our configuration solution has been built using the best practices from over 100 Project Online implementations for the world’s leading enterprises. And we will do it for free.

PPM Express for Executives and PMO

Your executive and project management team will fall in love with PPM Express– a modern web UI for portfolio management, designed to provide the best and the most comfortable user experience. Built with a strong focus on visualizing the what matters, it uncovers the ‘big picture’ of portfolio landscape for executives and allows to make quick and grounded decisions.

Microsoft Project Online as an Engine


While executives use PPM Express, all project managers will spend most of their time working in Microsoft Project Online – a platform of choice for millions of project managers, a gold standard for project management, schedule management, resource management, and collaboration. From Microsoft Project Online, all data will flow to PPM Express automatically for visibility, transparency, and advanced reporting.

Integrated with Microsoft Project Online


With Microsoft Project Online, your PMs manage project schedules using its powerful scheduling engine. PPM Express implemented as an additional layer which integrates with Project Online so that you get the best of both worlds: utilize the full power of scheduling and resource management in Microsoft Project Online and use modern and visual experience for portfolio management and total visibility.

Agile Portfolio Management


Hybrid and multi-platform project management is a new reality. Do your teams use Azure DevOps or Jira for agile projects? That’s great – as PPM Express supports all these systems and allows to run it in parallel with Project Online. We aggregate all the details in the PPM Express, no matter if it is waterfall or agile, scrum or Kanban. Connect Jira/Azure DevOps to PPM Express and see all projects across the organization, no matter where and how they are managed.

Portfolio & Project Status Management


PPM Express is designed for executives, PMO and project managers and addresses issues of portfolio visibility and status reporting, where management cannot see instant updates on the ‘big picture’ of how the projects are going. PPM Express helps executives to stop flying blind in making critical decisions that define project success, and start relying on the trustworthy, detailed and up-to-date information.

Integrated Reporting With Over 50 Power BI Reports


Data visualization, business intelligence and reporting are cornerstones of efficient project decision making on all levels. PPM Express includes a ready-to-use Power BI pack with over 50 reports for portfolio, project, resource reporting. Just connect your PWA, Jira, Azure DevOps or Office 365 Planner and enjoy the Power BI magic turning data into insights, right decisions and successful releases.

Release Planning and Management


Most organizations use milestones and iterations to plan their projects, which sometimes can be counted in hundreds. There are multiple releases and complex dependencies between these projects, and at some point, mangers simply cannot oversee all these simultaneous processes without visual interpretation. Our visualization of release information helps manages to see an up-to-date release planning chart for all projects and identify which of them need attention at this particular moment.

Portfolio Roadmaps


PPM Express has detailed built-in roadmap charts not just for projects, but for portfolios, so that executives in the organization can track delivery on even higher level. No need to micromanage, the ‘big picture’ of any level is always one click away with PPM Express.

Project and Portfolio Financials


Create and track budgets for projects and portfolios with PPM Express budgeting module. Increase accountability and accuracy of budget planning, improve project cost control and always know where exactly your budget goes.

Integration with Office 365 Groups


Use all power of Office 365 groups: PPM express fully supports Office 365 groups by connecting/creating groups so teams can collaborate, work together, and have a shared storage for documents and all project-related information.

QuickStart Project Online Implementation Solution in a Nutshell

Integrated Solution

PPM Express runs side-by-side with Project Online, following the high-security standards


Modern interface for portfolio management, release and status management

Agile Practices

Supports agile practices on all levels - from project management to portfolio governance

Deeper Insights

Has a package of over 50 Power BI reports to support your decision making process

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PPM Express Video Overview

Pricing for project Online Implementation Solution

QuickStart Edition


15 Licenses for EXECUTIVE /pmo team
Annual subscription

License is needed for Project Managers, Resource Managers, PMOs and executive roles only. Price is volume-based.

includes Free Microsoft Project Online PWA configuration

No Microsoft Licenses Included. Discounts for Office 365 and Microsoft Project Online subscriptions

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