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Integration Hub – Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Planner
Integration Hub – Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Planner
Hosted By Jose Levy
Join us live on the 17th Aug. 2017 09:00 AM PDT

FluentPro Integration Hub is a world leading cloud-based middleware software for connecting Portfolio and Project Management Systems, Financial Management Systems and Work Management System. It is universal, scalable and extendable platform that support multiple generic and specialized connectors that support extremely flexible, advanced, scripting-based transformation rules. This flexibility and extensibility removes a need of code changes and provides unprecedented implementation time.

Please join us for our second session in the upcoming line of Integration Hub webinars, where we will review FluentPro Integration Hub integration process, the flow for synchronizing milestones, backlog items and Iterations in Planner and getting projects, tasks and due dates updated in Project Online.

We will present a short overview on Integration Hub capabilities and later drill down to the Microsoft Office 365 Planner and Project Online connection items and synchronization to cover these in more detail.

If you have any questions about FluentPro products and services, welcome to contact us.

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