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Project Online Backup Strategy 2019: Essential Steps
Project Online Backup Strategy 2019: Essential Steps
Hosted By Anton Kravtsov & Gennadiy Guskov
Join us live on the 5th Mar. 2019 09:00 AM PDT

Microsoft Project Online is certainly a great platform for project collaboration. What it doesn’t have is a transparent and flexible disaster recovery functionality that would help you to perform a backup/restore of your project data and configuration. You don’t need to store every copy of your project plan files and you don’t need to be afraid that a team site used by hundreds of your employees suddenly has half of its records gone.

During the webinar, we will explain the best practices in keeping your environment as safe as it can be. On-demand backup and restore, as well as scheduled operations,  will be discussed. We will show you the available data granularity and briefly cover the mix of additional G. A. Suite capabilities.

We will give you the idea of how to avoid any hustle and worry related to backup. FluentPro G. A. Suite is a tool that provides unattended backups of your Project Online data. We’ll demo our product and show you how to:

  • Sign up with G. A. Suite from FluentPro
  • Activate your PWA environment(s)
  • Set up a backup schedule with selected granularity
  • Set up notifications with backup success state

Sign up for the event and get ready to enjoy the protection from any Project Online data loss.

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