Service Level Agreement

for Premium Support Services

Service Level Agreement for Premium Support Services

 This service level agreement (“SLA”) describes the expected levels of service and support that you and your organization (“You” or “Customer”) will receive from FluentPro Software Corporation (“We” or “FluentPro”) for the delivery of Premium Support Services. This Premium Support Services SLA covers support for the sustainability and administration of Project Online within Office 365 or Project Server, Power Apps, Power BI and other consulting services, as well as enhanced product support of FluentPro Software products.

FluentPro aims to respond on the average within 8 business hours to new premium support requests and provide an update at least every 48 hours for existing support requests. Premium Support is provided on a best efforts basis in accordance with the SLA stated herein; however, we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the customer or for other reasons outside of our control.

Premium Support Service is provided to all customers who have purchased a premium support subscription and is available during the subscription term (for most products from the subscription start date over a 12-month period). A Premium Support subscription is available to a customer organization and also covers all customer active subscription of FluentPro products. After usage of all available hours of Premium Support during the subscription term, additional hours of Premium Support may be required to continue Premium Support services defined herein.

 Premium Support Services Includes:  

  • Help with technical troubleshooting and configuration guidance for a Microsoft Project Online or Project Server instance(s)
  • Help with application administration for anomalies, incidents, and inquiries on technical issues related to the operation of Project Online or Project Server
  • Configuration design best practices related to Project Online or Project Server usage
  • Critical situation management related to Project Online or Project Server
  • Power Platform and PowerApps consulting services, application development, administration, and user onboarding
  • PowerApps integration with multiple data connectors, including Microsoft Project Online, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 applications, etc.
  • Migration from InfoPath to Power Automate platform
  • Development and Consultancy of Power BI analytics solutions
  • Monitoring and analysis of logs and performance related to FluentPro products in subscription
  • Performance tuning related to Project Online or Project Server and FluentPro products in subscription
  • Support and advisory services related to FluentPro FluentBooks subscription purchased for migration purposes
  • Extended level of support for FluentPro Software products, which includes
    • Accelerated initial response time
    • First priority handling of requests. Premium support queue is separate from standard product support queue and premium support tickets are assigned higher priority and as compared to standard product support tickets
    • Web-based meetings with our support engineers at customer’s request with screen sharing capabilities
    • Phone support

Premium Support Services Does Not Include:    

  • Support for Customers who do not have an active Premium Support subscription.
  • Support related to non-FluentPro products (except Microsoft Office 365 Project Online and Project Server, Power Platform services)
  • Support related to FluentPro Software products that have been retired
  • Support for custom software developed scripts created by customers and used in FluentPro products
  • Support for FluentPro Software products for Microsoft Project Server versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Support for FluentPro Software products in the customer’s environment no longer supported by Microsoft, such as Microsoft Windows .NET Framework versions
  • Support for free FluentPro Software products

Customers that have purchased Premium Support Services can access the support team through the following:

  • Technical Ticket Support (online ticket submission through support ticketing system). We response to all submitted requests within our core business hours stated herein and aim to prioritize the requests according to their severity levels described.
  • Web-based meetings with the FluentPro Technical team. The web-based meetings can be scheduled with the aim to:
  • receive online guidance on any Project Online or Project Server instance or product related question or issue that you have;
  • speed up the resolution of the issue by sharing your screen and showing us the issue that you have;
  • interact with the FluentPro Technical team with the opportunity for knowledge transfer between our technical support engineers and your team.
  • Phone support. To help facilitate resolution of an issue, it is recommended that a customer first creates a ticket in support ticketing system with all relevant information, screenshots, etc. prior to calling our support team. A customer can also use phone option to enquire on the status of a submitted request.

Severity levels of support requests

The following table provides the definition of the severity levels of support requests and the generally expected initial response time, and escalation and update times provided by FluentPro. Our support team operates two shifts per each business day (3:00AM – 11AM and 11AM – 7:00PM US Eastern time. One business day is equivalent to 16 business hours).


Severity level

Description Initial Response Time

Escalation and Update

1: Urgent System is not functioning, services cannot be maintained. No workaround available no later than 8 business hours no later than 16 business hours
2: High The impact of the issue on customer’s service is high. System is functioning, but the functionality is significantly limited. Periodic/ partial downtime or core functionality is inoperable. No workaround available no later than 16 business hours no later than 16 business hours
3: Normal The user can continue using the system. The system is stable, but some functionality with medium/low impact on customer’s service is not functioning as expected. Temporary workaround available no later than 16 business hours no later than 24 business hours
4: Low Informational (usage questions, minor issues) no later than 24 business hours no later than 2-3 business days


Initial Response Time

Initial response time means that our Product Support team answers your email or ticket request, acknowledges your issue, registers a request in a support ticketing system, and makes an initial diagnosis of the problem. In some cases, our support team may need to obtain additional information from you to be able to provide an initial diagnosis of the problem. Incomplete or missing information requested by the support team with regards to the specific support request could delay issue resolution and re-initiate the response times defined herein.


Business Hours

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 3:00AM – 7:00PM US Eastern time.


Our Product Support team is not available due to holidays during the calendar year of 2021 on the following dates: 1/01, 1/07, 3/08, 5/03, 5/04, 5/10, 6/21, 6/28, 8/24, 10/14, 12/27, 12/31.


Logging a Support Request

Support requests are to be sent via email to

In order to investigate a reported problem and provide resolution within the response times defined herein please provide as much relevant information as possible with regards to your support request, including but not limited to the following:

  • Product name and version you are using
  • Information about your license (generally found in your subscription certificate)
  • Version of Microsoft Project Server (if applicable)
  • Complete detailed description of the issue you are facing including log files, steps to reproduce, screenshots, etc.
  • Web browser used and its version number (if applicable)

FluentPro Software procedures

For each specific support request, our support team сreates a ticket in a support ticketing system. If your request contains several different issues, we may create different tickets to track each issue. In any subsequent communication with a support team about an active support request, please reply to the last answer, to facilitate handling the request and speed up our response time.

FluentPro Software is not responsible for any technical guidance provided by any third parties that contradicts or impairs the ability of FluentPro to provide the Product Support defined herein.

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