Solution Starters 2013
Microsoft Project Server 2013 Solution Starters

Project Server 2013 Solutions Starters


Our team migrated Solution Starters for Project Server 2010 to the Microsoft Project Server 2013 platform. We are distributing Solution Starters for Project Server 2013, free of charge, available for download with source code and as WSP, ready for deployment. Please note, solution starters are available as-is, free of charge and FluentPro Software Corporation is not responsible for any direct and indirect damage. Please try / install solution starters at your risk. Available Solution Starters for Project Server 2013:

  • Bulk Edit Tool

  • Excel Project Cost Capture

  • Programs Project Workspace

  • List Viewer

  • Report Builder Tool

  • Workspace Project Custom Field Web Part

We are happy to provide commercial support for Solution Starters. We can help you with all your needs in regards to the Solution Starters:

  • Deployment of Solution Starters to your servers

  • Troubleshooting of Solution Starters deployment

  • Customization of Solution Starters

  • Adding new features to the Solution Starters functionality


If you have any questions / inquiries – please submit a ticket at https://fluentpro.zendesk.com

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Please contact us with product name and platform on any questions you may have.

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