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Microsoft Power BI
for Office 365 Planner

Get advanced visualization with
Power BI reporting packs for Office 365 Planner

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Planner
  • Project visualization

  • Easy-to-build reports

  • Advanced analytics

Business Intelligence Assessment

Visualizing data is usually
challenging for PMOs and Executives:

  • Limitation

    How to get more
    reporting capabilities?

  • Scope

    How to enhance
    Planner data visibility?

  • Quality

    How to ensure
    advanced data analytics?

  • Time

    How to spend less
    time on reports design?

Microsoft Planner Reports

Explore how to use FluentPro DataMart to simplify and optimize Microsoft Planner reporting and data analytics

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Easy and Fast Reporting
with Power BI Reports Pack

Easy and Fast Reporting
with Power BI Reports Pack

FluentPro Power BI Reports Pack for Office 365 Planner is a ready-made solution for PMOs and Executives for data visualization, reporting, and analytics. It includes over 25 pre-built reports and dashboards.

Establish Power BI to Planner connection now using DataMart as a middleware.

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Get Detailed Reporting to Enhance Business Intelligence

Customizable dashboards

Timely reports on plans progress, task management, timelines.

Over 25 pre-built reports on portfolio, planner plans, users, and assignments.

Real-time project data display.

Full visibility of Planner data.

Smarter decision-making.

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We would like to thank you for the professional service. The process was very clear and smooth. It was a pleasure working with you!

David Avraham IS Engineer


G.A. Suite saves us a lot of manual work. Just entering information once on the productive site and then transferring saves costs, time and nerves. Plus, it produces less errors.

Wolfgang Braun Manager Corporate PMO


Our productivity is greatly improved…Without FluentBooks, some of the operations I perform would not be possible otherwise, so the tool is a lifesaver.

Steve Miljanov Senior PMO Administrator


Based on consulting costs from a previous migration effort, we estimate that we saved over $80K by using FluentPro’s services.

Dan Cullerton Sr. Program Manager


As the system is very user-friendly, I have independency in file recovery – without the need to relay to an IT team and more complex backups

Idan Bar-Asher Project Manager


FluentPro DataMart is good value for money. FluentPro are very customer-centric and deliver products that accelerate project effectiveness.

Transport for London


Having these tools has led to keeping the administration level down and reducing the need for additional PMs.

Daniel Taddeo Senior Manager


The biggest time savings for us is the FluentBooks Bulks Resource update tool. That feature alone is worth the cost of the license!

Brian Nann Senior Manager


I really appreciate you all being on top of a problem I had setting up my backup… FluentPro really came through for us. This kind of communication is HUGE and appreciated.

Paul James Solution Architect

  • 93%


    Of reporting and
    data visualization

  • 97%


    Full or partial
    data sync

  • 25+


    On a portfolio, resource,
    and project level

  • 12+


    Experience in
    PPM solutions

Power BI Reports Pack for Office 365 Planner
  • Power BI Reports Pack for Office 365 Planner
    • Instant dashboards of any kind
    • Report adjustment
    • Interface for Planner data
    • Real-time project data display
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does DataMart (EPM Pulse) perform data synchronization?

EPM Pulse performs data synchronization daily by default; however, the schedule is adjustable and allows you to set up to 10 data synchronizations per day. More information about Data Synchronization Account can be found in the following link: 

How does DataMart differ from EPM Pulse?

FluentPro Datamart is now based on EPM Pulse technology; therefore, it shares some parts of the user interface with FluentPro EPM Pulse. However, the product is currently in the process of rebranding. In the future, Datamart will be available as a standalone product with its own interface.

How can I build a dashboard and portfolio in DataMart?

Before building dashboards or portfolios in DataMart, you must complete a few steps. As DataMart is used as a middleware for Power Bi reporting on Microsoft Project Online, you need to establish a connection directly from Project Online to Power Bi with basic authentication.

How does DataMart extract data to an SQL Server?

It extracts the data to an SQL Server database under the most straightforward process. It doesn’t use SSIS or OData packages, which eliminates much of the technicality it would otherwise have required with those tools. The tool uses a “no special configuration” design and setup to capture and extract the data from dozens of sources to your target warehouse.

Can I extract data to an SQL Server database without SSIS or OData involvement?

You can confidently rely on the FluentPro DataMart solution to extract data to an SQL Server database without SSIS or OData involvement. The supported data sources include:

  • Office 365 Planner
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Microsoft Project Online

What are FluentPro DataMart key benefits?

Automation Of reporting and visualization
Synchronization Full or partial data sync
Time-saved Over 25 pre-built reports
Visualization Real-time data display

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