Backup for Project Online

FluentPro Backup is a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for Microsoft Project Online, and it is offered as a part of FluentPro G.A. Suite. Create automated backups of your Project Online data at ease, and restore your projects, content and configuration in minutes!

Advantages of FluentPro Backup

Project Online Backup

FluentPro G. A. Suite is the only Microsoft Project Online backup and restore solution. Create unlimited backups of your data and configuration and easily restore them when needed. Make sure your PWA is safe and bullet-proof against any data loss!

Automated Process

Create scheduled backups and implement a hassle-free, effective and fully automated disaster recovery process to secure your critical data. Just set up what data and configuration you want to backup and how often – G. A. Suite will do the rest for you!

Full Backups of Your Data

FluentPro Backup is a Microsoft Azure based SaaS backup platform for Microsoft Project Online created using FluentPro innovative technologies, that provides administrative backups of Project Online configuration, data and SharePoint content.

Maximum Flexibility

Perform full or partial backups, create backup schedules and multiple backup plans, perform ad-hoc Project Online backup and restore your data when needed. Our backup platform for Project Online is flexible and suitable for any disaster recovery scenario.

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Product Features

Safe PWA Configuration

FluentPro G. A. Suite allows to create full or granular backups of your Microsoft Project Online configuration so that you can rest assured that all your customizations are safe and sound against any data loss scenarios.

Automated Backup & Restore

Automatically create and keep Project Online data backups and restore configuration, projects, and sites any time you need. The platform supports full or partial data restore, so you get a complete version control toolset for your PWA.

Backup Schedules

You are free to define what to back up, whether you need full backups or just backups of particular projects, sites or even custom fields. Create daily, weekly or on-demand backups for your data and stay data loss resistant.

Sharepoint Content

FluentPro G. A. Suite backup platform allows to backup SharePoint sites, Project Sites, and even Look & Feel of your project sites, so even if you experience any data loss issues, you won’t even notice it after fast and safe restore.

Projects & Timesheets

FluentPro G. A. Suite supports administrative backups of Projects, Project Schedules and Timesheets, including all the data, content and configuration. Disaster recovery is not a reason for project delivery delays!

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