Power BI Reports Pack for Microsoft Project for Web

Pre-configured Power BI reporting solution for Microsoft Project for Web with 10+ ready-made reports and dashboards and instant access to actionable insights about your projects and portfolios.




Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project for Web will give you full visibility of your Project data – just spend 10 minutes of your time to install it to your Power BI environment and get:

  • Transparency of Project data
  • Insightful reports & dashboards
  • Real-time dynamic picture of what’s going on with your projects
  • Free access to business intelligence for everyone

Power BI for Microsoft Project for Web Benefits

Reporting for Project Is Easy

Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project for Web gives you access to powerful project & portfolio dashboards instantly, providing you with real-time Project insights, analytics and intelligence.

10+ Reports & Dashboards

This is a unique solution with 10+ reports that provide analytics of projects, portfolios, resources and issues based on fresh Project data and developed by experienced PPM professionals.

Customization & Consulting

Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project for Web Pack is free and covers a lot of blind spots which allows project managers make smarter decisions. If you need customization or additional reports, welcome to request a quote.

Start Reporting on Project with Power BI Now!

Power BI Reporting on Project for Web

Available Reports & Dashboards

Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project for Web includes the following reports:

  • Portfolio Details
  • Projects Overview
  • Tasks Overview
  • Assignments Overview & Details
  • Resource Governance & Calendar
Power BI Consulting & Reports for Project


Basic Edition



Unlimited access to 10+ reports

No customization available

Enterprise Edition



Unlimited access to 10+ reports

Fully customizable 

20% off for Power BI consulting

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