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How to Take Control of Your Project Data Using Integration Software

Today’s efficient project management heavily depends on the different PM systems you have in place. From Microsoft Project to Jira, Azure DevOps, or Planner- project management teams use several tools to track, monitor, organize and collaborate.   With the usage of multiple platforms comes the question of integrating project management tools to work seamlessly with […]

A Comprehensive Project Management Guide

In any industry, the success of projects determines the organization’s growth and profits. Project management enables your team to deliver results that directly impact the company’s bottom line. In this article, we talk about all the essential aspects and your ideal project management guide.   Project Management Project management is a process that involves:   […]

Multi-Platform Integration Strategies, Approaches, and Challenges

multi-platform integration

Nothing is more crucial to PPM administrators than having the right tools to guarantee cross-platform information sharing and efficient portfolio management. Cross-platform, also known as multi-platform or platform-independent, is a product or system that works across multiple types of platforms or operating environments such as Windows, PC, laptop, smartphone, or several proprietary software.   Working […]

Enterprise PMO: Microsoft Project Online and ServiceNow Integration for Demand Management

Challenges Using ServiceNow Microsoft Project Online Simultaneously     Many organizations use multiple project management systems simultaneously for enhanced project portfolio management. For example, enterprise PMOs usually capture demand in ServiceNow, then manage and execute projects in Microsoft Project Online. This process can be time-consuming. So, they want a solution to initiate projects in Project […]

Integrating Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Azure DevOps

integrating Microsoft Project Online

Challenges in Integrating Microsoft Project Online and Azure DevOps   When working with Project Online, PPM administrators always look for the best way to synchronize data from different systems. Especially when it comes to integrating with Azure DevOps for effective project portfolio management.   It is beneficial for companies to combine both agile and waterfall […]

Integrating Project Online and Jira Software: Best Practice

Integration of Project Online and Jira made easy by FluentPro Integration Hub.   Managing a vast project is not easy for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) administrators or Project Management Office (PMO) directors, especially when it involves coordinating work between IT and business teams already accustomed to a particular workflow. As a result, some companies prefer […]

Integrating Microsoft Project Online and Planner

Microsoft Project Online

Using FluentPro Integration Hub to work in between Microsoft Project and Project Online enhances effective project management.   A digital age that calls for a digitized action plan  The reality of doing business in the modern world is staring at organizations in the face. The old methods used to achieve Portfolio Project Management (PMO) and […]

Microsoft Project Online and Office 365 Planner Integration

Table of contents: Advantages Integrating Microsoft Planner + Project Online What are the things a project manager needs to succeed? So what exactly is FluentPro Integration Hub? How can we impact your organization? Benefits to successful bi-directional synchronizations you’re your business Business Values Why you should contact the FluentPro team today?   The consolidation of […]

Microsoft Project 2019 vs. Asana: The Ultimate Functionality Comparison

The recently launched new Microsoft Project 2019 is also known as Microsoft Project is the latest project management and collaboration tool to hit the market, and if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, it’s worth a look. With Microsoft Project, Microsoft is now offering an intuitive project collaboration tool based on Agile project management. Microsoft developed it as a tool for the new generation of project managers who find Microsoft Project Online to be […]

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