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FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite
Complete and powerful toolset for Project Online backup and disaster recovery, which also allows managing the lifecycle of Microsoft Project Online environments and helps organizations reduce administrative burden, save time, eliminate configuration management mistakes and keep their data safe.

What You Get With FluentPro G. A. Suite

Backup & Restore

Reducing the risk of data loss is critical to most organizations, and FluentPro G. A. Suite provides a complete automated toolset for effective Project Online backup and disaster recovery.

ITSM Compliance

FluentPro G. A. Suite is designed to help companies establish practices compliant with ITSM with regards to Microsoft Project Online to enhance project management processes.

Efficiency & Optimization

FluentPro G. A. Suite allows to reduce time spent on PWA administration, eliminate costs related to human errors and increase the efficiency of Microsoft Project Online usage.

Deeper Insights

FluentPro G.A. Suite provides decision makers with deeper backup and restore analytics using Power BI reports for organization's and PMOs that is a part of the product license.

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Features & Benefits

Backup & Restore


Automated Microsoft Project Online backup and restore with an ability to create granular scheduled backups.

Environment Lifecycle


Amazing toolset for PWA configuration audits with clean-up recommendations & health checks, PWA replication, automated documentation and faster deployment of configuration changes.

Power BI Reports


FluentPro G. A. Suite allows for deeper backup and restore insights and analytics to get timely information about backup performance and progress using Power BI reports.

Data Archiving


The application allows for creation of a special Archive PWA and quick archiving of Microsoft Project Online data, including projects, timesheets and Sharepoint content.

Sharepoint Migration


If you need a powerful tool for your Sharepoint content migration, FluentPro G. A. Suite is the right tool for you. It offers all the needed functionality for quick and secure Sharepoint migration.

G. A. Suite Product Roadmap


We constantly improve all our products, including G. A. Suite, add new features and capabilities to make user experience even better and to maximize value.

How It Works

FluentPro G.A. Suite Pricing




25 projects * 

For 1 PWA

Backup / Restore / Documentation



Annual subscription

100 projects *

For 2 PWA

Backup / Restore / Administration

Includes FluentBooks for Project Online 


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Annual subscription

100+ projects 

For 2+ PWA

Backup / Restore / Administration

Includes FluentBooks for Project Online 

* To learn more about the subscription limits, contact us.

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