FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite
FluentPro G.A. Suite provides a complete and
easy to use toolset to manage the lifecycle of
Microsoft Project Online environments,
and helps organizations implement governance practices
for Microsoft Office 365 PPM.

About the Product

Change management and environment administration practices often result in high costs and significant time spent. The main reason is that change cycles, data operations, and governance are performed manually, slowing down the process and causing errors.


FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite is designed to help companies establish practices compliant with ITSM in regards to Office 365 Project Online. FluentPro G.A. Suite provides usage analytics and adoption analytics, as well as governance capabilities for decision makers and PMOs.

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Features & Benefits

The significant capability of the FluentPro G.A. Suite is configuration and data management.

The platform allows users to:

  • Visualize services topology
  • Deploy and move configuration changes to Project Online PWA
  • Copy PWA environments
  • Back up projects, configurations, and SharePoint content
  • Audit PWA configurations
  • Document PWA configurations
  • Access disaster recovery support via a simple and user-friendly UI

Additionally, FluentPro G.A. Suite performs an audit of your PWA environment and provides recommendations for improving its performance and manageability. The platform also gives valuable insights on whether your PWA environment corresponds to industry best practices.

Its key governance capabilities are:

  • Configuration Audits
  • Configuration analysis and clean-up recommendations
  • Disaster recovery compliance
  • Adoption and usage analytics
  • Data quality health checks
  • Portfolio and project health checks

FluentPro G.A. Suite Pricing

25 Projects


Annual subscription

25 projects 


7GB of data storage

Single Tetant


50 Projects


Annual subscription

50 projects 


15GB of data storage

For 2 PWA

100 Projects


Annual subscription

100 projects


30GB of data storage

For 2 PWA

Includes FluentBooks for Project Online


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Annual subscription

100+ projects 


60+ GB of data storage

For 2 PWA

Includes FluentBooks for Project Online

Additional materials

 G.A. Suite Overview Brochure

FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite

Governance & Administration Suite and FluentBooks

While all companies that work with Microsoft Project Online will benefit from FluentPro G.A. Suite, teams performing more advanced operations with PWA environments may find it beneficial to employ FluentPro FluentBooks as well.


Governance & Administration Suite vs FluentBooks

Features comparison: FluentPro G.A. Suite vs. FluentBooks

FluentPro G.A. Suite vs FluentBooks


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