Microsoft Project Online + Microsoft Outlook

FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based integration platform that allows to connect Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Outlook. Automatically import tasks from Microsoft Project Online to Microsoft Outlook as calendar events to optimize project planning and collaboration in your teams.

Business Case

Microsoft Project Online is perfect for enterprise project and portfolio management, however, no tool can replace Outlook when it comes to staying on top of important events, meetings, and other activities.

Some projects involve multiple teams and departments and they need to synchronize their calendars with due dates of their tasks the project schedule.

When Microsoft Project Online and Outlook are disconnected, teams need to plan all events manually in their Outlook calendar which can be time-consuming, messy, and ineffective.


FluentPro Integration Hub helps to connect Project Online and Outlook and enables executives and project teams to use Project Online for work planning and execution, create tasks in Project Online, schedule and assign tasks to team members and automatically push them to Microsoft Outlook calendar.

The solution helps to:

  • synchronize Project Online tasks with Microsoft Outlook calendar events;
  • create and schedule events in Outlook for your team members, multiple teams or departments in a matter of minutes;
  • improve coordination of project execution so that all team members receive updates to their calendars automatically and can plan their further work accordingly.

Benefits of Microsoft Outlook + Project Online Integration for Executives & Teams

Optimize Planning & Save Time

Automatically create scheduled events in Outlook for individual team members, large teams or several cross-functional departments in a matter of minutes

Automate Project Planning

Push Project Online tasks to Outlook as calendar entries, automate high-level project planning and provide your teams with an accurate and up-to-date schedule for their work and project delivery

Synchronize Remote Teams

Make sure all your teams and team members including those working remotely are informed and continuously updated about the project schedule, key project activities, deadlines, and events

What Happens When the Integration Runs?

  • The data synchronization link is established between your Project Online PWA site and Office 365 account


  • All new and modified tasks marked for synchronization are pushed to Outlook where corresponding calendar entries are created and all relevant users are added to these entries as organizers and attendees.


  • Calendar entries are created with pre-populated details from Project Online tasks.

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*Endpoint is a successful synchronization of one unique project in one direction. Learn more about Integration Hub licensing.

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