Automated migration to Microsoft Project Online without risks and errors.
Migrating from Microsoft Project Online to Project Server requires meticulous planning. Most organizations use Project Online to cut back on hidden charges and make scalable project performance. However, all successful
FluentPro FluentBooks is a migration and configuration management software for Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. The desktop application is designed to help administrators perform configuration management, data administration, Microsoft
Choosing project portfolio management software, organizations may question what’s the difference between on-premise vs cloud based platforms. On-premise (sometimes called customer-hosted) software solutions are installed and managed on-site, in an
Cloud PPM migration is a process of moving projects and other project data from an organization’s premises to a cloud project portfolio management platform (PPM). You can migrate all of
migrating to Microsoft Project Online
Microsoft Project Online is a comprehensive cloud-based solution developed by Microsoft for project and portfolio management. Organizations use it to govern their projects while keeping them aligned with strategic priorities.
Why Implementing Data Migration Best Practices is a Challenge   PMOs use Microsoft Project Online to govern and align projects with their organization’s business goals. Microsoft Project Online migration allows
Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. Some features are standard, but some are not. That is why one day comes when organizations decide to migrate
Like any innovation, the introduction of a new approach and toolbox, such as Microsoft Project Online adoption and implementation, at the very beginning is seen as the “make everything great”
External keyboard with keyboard shortcuts appears to be the more effective way of working with Microsoft Project Online for many of its users. Moreover, there are users with mobility or
Project Management
Microsoft Project for Web is a lightweight program to address project task management and teamwork. Microsoft also offers another, more complex project management solution, Microsoft Project Online, which is more
Automated migration to Microsoft Project Online without risks and errors.