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Portfolio Accelerator for Microsoft Project for the Web

Fine-tuned Project Portfolio Management Experience for Microsoft Project for the Web Platform

  • Instant start

  • Fine-tuned configuration

  • Advanced PPM capabilities

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What makes us different from Microsoft Project Accelerator

Discover the detailed comparison of Project Accelerator and FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator for Project for the Web

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Project for the Web requires fine-tuning

Managing portfolio of projects in Microsoft Project for the Web needs to be adapted to the needs of PMO directors, portfolio, program, and project managers:

  • Management

    How to manage portfolios, programs, and projects efficiently

  • Changes

    How to control the changes and avoid scope confusion

  • Budget

    How to manage and allocate budget for everyone’s visibility

  • Risks

    How to identify risks and prevent issues

Learn More about Unique FluentPro Software

Explore how to use FluentPro Software to simplify and optimize the daily work of PPM Administrators and Project Management Offices.


Extend Project for the Web into a robust PPM solution

Extend Project for the Web into a robust PPM solution

Developed on Microsoft Power Platform, FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator extends Microsoft Project for the Web functionality. Solution provides instant start and offers unbeatable options like project financials management, customized PPM strategy, risks & issues prevention, ideation, ready-to-use reports, and changes control.

With FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator, Microsoft Project for the Web is finely configured for your project management processes and needs.

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Instant start — Faster path to ROI

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  • Instant start. Say no to hiring external consultants
  • Cost, work, and complexity reduction. Managed deployment is performed completely by FluentPro team
  • You get up and running fully configured Microsoft Project for the Web environment
  • Predefined reports on project performance for enhanced decision making
  • Precise customization and optimization for your business needs and goals
  • Advanced automated project portfolio management functionalities
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  • 12+

    Years of Experience

    In simplifying Microsoft PPM solutions

  • 98%

    Time saved

    On Microsoft Project for the Web deployment

  • 99%


    Of project and portfolio management processes

  • 94%

    Reduction of Work

    FluentPro team performs fully managed deployment.

Why extend Project for the Web with Portfolio Accelerator?

Extending Microsoft Project for the Web capabilities, organizations can experience new opportunities:

Quick Start, Ready to Use

Engaging employees to share their ideas for business goals and challenges

Budget management and allocation

Real-time dashboards and embedded Power BI reports

Flexible Portfolio, Program, and Project management

Management and escalation of issues and risks

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    Get fine-tuned Microsoft Project for the Web platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Portfolio Accelerator subscription-based? Do I need to pay for each user?

Portfolio Accelerator itself is not subscription-based and does not require additional payments based on the number of users. There is a one-time payment for Portfolio Accelerator solution. The cost will vary depending on the selected edition. However, in order to use Portfolio Accelerator Project Plan, Power Apps/Automate and Power BI licenses will also be necessary. These are subscription-based licenses from Microsoft that are assigned to users individually. 

Are there any reports for Portfolio Accelerator?

Portfolio Accelerator comes with 2 types of reports – simple in-built charts available for almost all types of entities – Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Ideas, Change Requests, etc., as well as a Power BI pack with more than 20 reports in it.

Can we install Portfolio Accelerator in several environments?

Yes. The same Portfolio Accelerator package can be installed into any default, Production, or Sandbox Dataverse environment that has MS Project solution deployed. 

Can some of the forms (e.g., for Portfolio, Projects, Issues) be customized based on our needs?

Customizations can be done either as part of support hours that come with Portfolio Accelerator or as a paid service.

How will the updates for Portfolio Accelerator be delivered to us?

An updated version of Portfolio Accelerator can be installed on top of the existing installation to ensure that the data remains in place. It is preferable to install the updated version to the Sandbox environment first, run user acceptance tests, and then install this update to the Production environment. 

Do you have any tools for Resource Management?

Portfolio Accelerator has a Resource Planning module to plan resources’ allocation to projects based on their capacity and availability.

Do you provide task management features that are not available in Project for the Web, like baselines for example?

Portfolio Accelerator is built around Microsoft Project for the Web to provide enhanced tools for portfolio, program, and project management. However, the task management part is covered by Project for the Web. There are no enhancements available for schedules and tasks.

Is Portfolio Accelerator a solution fully developed by your team, or did you customize the solution from Microsoft?

Yes. Portfolio Accelerator was fully built by the FluentPro team as the extension and enhancement to Project for the Web that is built into Portfolio Accelerator and provides task management capabilities.

If I have several independent departments, what would be the best way to ensure that each department has access and works only with the data that is related to their department?

For several independent departments, it’s best to have separate Dataverse environments with MS Project for the Web and Portfolio Accelerator deployed there. This way, departments will be fully independent in their use of Project for the Web and Portfolio Accelerator.

Is there a way to embed just the idea intake page into Teams without granting users access to the rest of the Portfolio Accelerator?

It is possible to create a Microsoft Form, embed it into MS Teams channel, and use it for the submission or ideas. Whenever a new idea is submitted in MS teams, Power Automate flow will run and create this idea in Portfolio Accelerator. Users who submit ideas will have access to the MS Form only but not to the Portfolio Accelerator itself.


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