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Dynamics Project Operations Backup and Restore

Due to similarity of Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Project for the Web engines, the Project Operations is supported in Project for the Web backup

Dynamics Project Operations Backup and Restore
  • Complete project protection

  • Secure and automatic

  • One-click restore & recovery

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Learn more about Dynamics
Project Operations backup

Discover the robust solution to protect
projects in Microsoft Dynamics 365
Project Operations


Dynamics Project Operations Backup Challenges

Managing hundreds of projects with mission-critical data,
PMO directors and PPM administrators can face certain risks:

  • Protection

    How to reduce human
    errors risk?

  • Automation

    How to automate Project
    Operations backup?

  • Security

    How to recover
    damaged data?

  • Integrity

    How to avoid
    data loss in Project Operations?

How to backup Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Explore how to use FluentPro Backup to protect Dynamics 365 Project Operations with automated backup and recovery.


Why backup Dynamics
Project Operations?

Why backup Dynamics
Project Operations?

FluentPro Backup provides reliable protection for Dynamics 365 Project Operations. This cloud-based platform backups all project data continuously and automatically. It can also restore lost or damage data in case of an accident.

FluentPro Backup software reduces all risks related to human errors or data loss with advanced protection functionalities.

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Reduce Risks by Protecting
Your Project Operations

FluentPro Backup reduces data loss and any risks related to human errors.

Full security of all project data in Dynamics Project Operations.

Provides automated continuous backup of all or selected data.

Reduces costs and emergencies caused by possible data damages.

Automated restore of lost or damaged data.

Requires minimum support and maintenance with full automation.

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  • 99%


    Data is encrypted and
    under your control

  • 97%


    Data in Dynamics
    Project Operations

  • 93%


    Backup and recovery

  • 91%


    Human errors and
    data loss risks

How FluentPro Backup for Project Operations works?
  • How FluentPro Backup for Project Operations works?
    • Choose what projects to protect.
    • Set up automated continuous backup.
    • Back up projects with related tasks, resources, and groups.
    • Recover point-in-time version of the project.
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Ready to backup your Project Operations?

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    Create a backup schedule.
  • 3
    Protect your project data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clarify what file format your backups are?

We store backup data in our internal format that could be used for restoration by FluentPro Backup only. This format supports the most data Project Management Systems API provide. It allows us to restore data that is nearly identical to the original data.

Can we automatically backup all projects in our tenant, even projects that are newly created by our users?

If you choose to backup all projects in your tenant, newly created projects will be backed up automatically as well. Also, it is possible to use the “ignore” option where you indicate which projects should not be backed up – the rest of the existing and newly created projects will be backed up.

Your service is a cloud only service, right? We don’t have to install any program on our on-prem servers?

Exactly. FluentPro Backup is a cloud-based solution, so no additional software installation is required.

Is it possible to store backups in our storage?

Yes, it is possible to store backups in our Default Azure Cloud Storage or switch to custom storage: Azure Storage or AWS S3 Storage. 

Does your service backup Smartsheet Automation Processes (Related to Smartsheet)?

The backup of Automation/Workflow rules is not supported. Here is the article with the supported entities:

How long is our data stored for after subscription expiration or termination?

It will be stored for 90 days.

Will you be able to send us our backup files if we decide to stop using your product?

Unfortunately, it is not possible, given that we store backed up data in our internal format that can only be restored by FluentPro Backup. Also, since the data is encrypted, even if we provide it, it will not be particularly useful.

What is the difference between a backup offered by your product and the one from MS (Related to Project for the web)?

MS performs full Power Platform environment backups; if you need to restore a particular P4W project, you will need to restore a complete environment with all Power Platform resources and not a particular project. While FluentPro Backup allows you to restore granularly, you can restore a Project, Group, or Resource separately.

Do you have any resources that monitor our backups’ success from your side?

Our Support Team receives copies of notifications about your failed and completed backups with errors operations, and they will contact you additionally in this regard. The only exception here are notifications about expired or wrong credentials. The reason is that the notification, sent to you directly, contains comprehensive troubleshooting steps. Additionally, we have an internal health-check of FP Backup.

What is the difference between a backup offered by your product and the one from MS (Related to Planner)?

Currently, Microsoft does not provide any disaster recovery option for MS Planner. FluentPro’s Backup allows you to backup Planner Plans and related M365 Groups and Resources, as well as to restore them granularly.


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