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Backup and Restore Projects in Microsoft Project Online

Reading Time: 3 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Project Online backup is one of the most desired features that is missing in Microsoft Office 365 Project Online.
With FluentPro G.A. Suite, you can perform a backup for:

  • A full PWA
  • A PWA configuration
  • Projects
  • SharePoint content

You can run a backup on schedule or on-demand, for a whole PWA or selected elements only.
To store all the backup data created by G.A. Suite, FluentPro uses Microsoft Azure Storage for exceptional security and high reliability. Backup data is always encrypted to ensure a high confidentiality level. Let’s go step by step through an on-demand backup, a scheduled backup and a project restore using FluentPro G.A. Suite.

The Home Page displays all your environments that are available for backup, status information of your backups for each environment and license limits.  

Each environment added to G.A. Suite has a set of actions.   

On-Demand Backup  

To launch an on-demand backup, select the Data Protection option under the required environment and click on the Backup Now button.  

backup and restore


This will take you to the next step – ‘Backup now’ window. Specify what data to back up and then click on the Backup Now button.  

backup and restore


Once the process is complete, you will receive an email notification. No further steps required – the copy will be stored safely in our Microsoft Azure Storage. 

Backup Schedule 

Should you prefer running scheduled backups, here’s how to do it.
Under the available options for the selected environment, select the ‘Schedules’ option. Click on the New Scheduling Profile button.  

backup and restore


Select the backup frequency and specify the time for it to run. You can also select the PWA content to backup. 

backup and restore

Every time the backup is complete, you will receive a notification email. 

Restore a single Project to the PWA  

If required, the data can be restored just as easily. Navigate to our G.A. Suite and click on the environment you need to restore to open the list of actions for it. Select the Data Protection option. This page will display all the backup copies made for this instance for each project/site configuration element. Select the date to the state in which you need to restore your project. Click on the ‘Completed’ status button to start the process. 

backup and restore


 Click the Restore button on the Summary Information page.  

backup and restore


Restore Full Backup  

If required to restore more data at once, you can select to open the Full Backup Summary when restoring a single project/site/configuration element. 

Alternatively, you can open the Operation Details page where all operations launched in G.A. Suite for the selected PWA are stored.  

Find the required backup operation by date or by its data and open the backup summary by clicking on the Completed button. 


Click Restore, select the data you need and click the Restore Now button.  

Once again, you will receive an email notification when the process is completed. 


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