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Unlock Efficiency with the New Microsoft Planner and Project

Reading Time: 4 mins
Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Microsoft has introduced New Microsoft Planner, an innovative AI work management tool that unites tasks, plans, and projects along with many Microsoft Planner new features into a single interface.  The new Microsoft Planner combines the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot, the power of Microsoft Project for the web, the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, and the collaboration features of Microsoft Planner. With the new features and innovations, Project Management with Microsoft Planner allows teams to collaboratively plan, organize tasks, and track progress in a user-friendly platform.

New Microsoft Planner Review

The new Planner can effortlessly go from managing individual tasks to managing entire enterprise projects, allowing users to consolidate their work. The new Planner app will be accessible in Microsoft Teams starting in the spring of 2024. Here’s an overview of Microsoft Planner’s new features:

  • Easily manage all your plans, projects, to-do lists, and tasks across all Microsoft 365 apps in a single, comfortable interface.
  • From managing individual tasks to managing significant team activities, the new planner offers flexibility so that you and your team may operate as you think best.
  • With the new Planner’s scalability, you may obtain comprehensive insights across multiple initiatives. The new Planner can be expanded, configured, and automated (with or without code) to accommodate evolving organizational requirements.
  • Use AI to speed up results. Copilot in Planner can help you create new plans, set objectives, monitor progress, and adjust as projects change with clear, natural language prompts.
  • With connections to other Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Outlook, Viva Goals, and Teams, the new Planner helps you to stay productive.

Microsoft guarantees ongoing support for its project and portfolio management tools, allowing users to use them concurrently, with no end date set for Project Online.

FluentPro Solutions to Support Entire Project Portfolio Management stack

FluentPro Software is dedicated to supporting the entire Microsoft Project Portfolio Management PPM stack by offering reliable solutions for the complete Microsoft Project portfolio management platform. Below are the solutions that FluentPro offers to simplify migration, backup & restore and administration scenarios:

FluentPro Backup

The cloud-based platform FluentPro Backup protects for Microsoft systems like Microsoft Project for the Web (New Microsoft Planner), basic Microsoft Planner, and Dataverse. The solution creates backup copies automatically and continuously. Restoring data from a backup copy is a simple process in the event of data loss or corruption.

Learn more about FluentPro Backup

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Organizations may safeguard sensitive data against human error and data loss by utilizing FluentPro Backup.

Learn more about FluentPro Backup for:

Project Migrator

Businesses can migrate projects between the most widely used project management solutions with the help of Project Migrator. Using this tool, you can migrate from Microsoft Project or Planner automatically without any errors. Project Migrator is fully automated, user-friendly, cloud-based, and lightning-fast, making it a great choice for data migration. The solution can help with:

FluentPro FluentBooks

FluentPro FluentBooks is an advanced software for PWA administrators and consultants. The solution offers complex administration scenarios and aids in managing migration and configuration-related duties within Office 365 tenants. Among other things, FluentBooks facilitates:

Get more information on migration with FluentBooks by downloading whitepaper

FluentPro G.A. Suite

FluentPro G.A. Suite is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that protects data and provides automated backup, recovery, and administration for Microsoft Project Online and SharePoint. With automated Project Online backup and disaster recovery, G.A. Suite reduces data loss and offers robust data protection. It also helps with the configuration management lifecycle of Microsoft Project Online environments and simplifies data governance. Finally, it assists organizations in minimizing administrative burdens, saving time, avoiding configuration management errors, and safeguarding their data.

FluentPro Integration Hub

One of the best cloud-based middle-ware integration solutions for integrating financial management, task management, and project portfolio systems is FluentPro Integration Hub. It facilitates the integration of Project Online data between many platforms, including Azure DevOps (VSTS), Jira, Office 365 Planner, and others. It also enables the creation of a cohesive PPM structure inside your company.

FluentPro DataMart

FluentPro DataMart is a great data warehouse solution for PMOs and executives. It is a middleware connecting Project Online/Planner data to Power BI. With this solution, you can focus on your actual work and let DataMart handle the data extraction to an SQL Server database without needing OData or SSIS packages.

DataMart can simplify data visualization, analytics, and business intelligence for Microsoft PPM solutions.

Here is an overview of FluentPro solutions for different Microsoft products, along with their primary functionality:

New Microsoft Planner

Benefits of using software products from FluentPro

FluentPro Software can provide immense value for organizations:

  • Time and effort saved
  • Fully automated processes
  • Data protection & security
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized efforts on project administration
  • Ensured data quality & integrity
  • Simplified data management
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Enhanced decision-making

New Microsoft Planner

Consider FluentPro for options that save money, time, and effort while making data protection easier.

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