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Streamlined Data Analytics: Project Online and Power BI Integration

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the fast-paced world of project management, staying ahead requires more than just dedication – it requires smart solutions that empower you to make informed decisions. Managing projects efficiently while extracting valuable insights can be challenging for Project Management Office (PMO) leaders, Information Technology administrators, and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) specialists. This is where the synergy of Microsoft Project Online Power BI integration comes into play, offering a streamlined solution to bridge the gap between data and action. 

The challenge of Project Online and Power BI integration

PMO leaders’, IT administrators’, and PPM specialists’ aspirations to lead successful projects are hindered by the lack of clear insights into project data, making it challenging to make well-informed decisions.  

This is partly due to the complexity of project data and the need for a user-friendly system to derive actionable insights. If you are using Microsoft Project Online, you may need help getting a single data warehouse and integrating the robust analytics capabilities of Microsoft Power BI. Also, you won’t be able to connect both solutions without third-party software.  

Moreover, organizations may face limited capabilities and not enough data available for reporting. 

With an effective solution to connecting Microsoft Project Online to Power BI, your work will be easier to handle, and your productivity may be affected. Luckily, there is a more straightforward way to streamline data analytics. 

Professionals at FluentPro Are Here to Help

Professionals at FluentPro have walked the same path as you; we understand your pain. With over a decade of experience simplifying Microsoft project portfolio management solutions, FluentPro’s team can help organizations connect to Power BI, simplify, and extend Project Online reporting options.

Find out how Transport for London accelerated Project Online reporting with FluentPro 

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FluentPro DataMart Offers Streamlined Data Analytics

At FluentPro, we have developed a PMO data warehouse platform that will make connecting Power BI and Project Online easier, streamlining data analytics for your project. FluentPro Datamart is a ready-to-use solution for extracting data from an SQL Server database without needing SSIS or OData packages. It is used as middleware to allow Power BI reports on Microsoft Project Online data. It also helps augment the existing Project Online OData feed. The tool supports Microsoft Project Online data source. 

Some of the capabilities provided by FluentPro Datamart are: 

  • Single data warehouse 
  • Extended data for reporting 
  • Simplified data visualization 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Real-time project data presentation 
  • Full visibility of project data 
  • Report adjustment 
  • Historical data reports 
  • Data daily snapshots 
  • Easy-to-build Project Online reports 
  • On-premises and cloud installation 
  • Connection to Power BI pre-built reports

Ready to transform the way you manage projects and harness the power of data analytics? Register for the demo now and unlock the potential of data-driven excellence.

Embrace FluentPro Datamart to Avoid Failure

For PMO leaders, IT administrators, and PPM specialists like you, the decision not to embrace FluentPro DataMart could have far-reaching consequences for both your role and your organization. Without the help of this solution, you stand to lose the invaluable insights necessary to guide your decision-making, leading to project delays, exceeding budgets, and inefficient resource utilization. Ultimately, foregoing FluentPro DataMart could mean losing your competitive advantage, experiencing lower project success rates, and failing to unlock the full potential of your project management endeavours. 


Benefits of Datamart for Your Organization

Using FluentPro Datamart offers several benefits to your business, including:   

  • Single data warehouse 
  • Advanced MS Project Online Power BI connection 
  • Extended Project Online reporting 
  • Automation of visualization  
  • Complete or partial data synchronization 
  • Time-saving due to the availability of more than 25 pre-built reports 
  • You can get a customized Project Online report 
  • Advanced analytics due to the availability of historical data 

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