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Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy:
Are You Covered?

Reading Time: 3 mins
Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

PMO and PPM administrators face many challenges but rely on policies, which only cover their liability. It is not enough. They need robust solutions to address underlying technical issues and prevent errors and omissions.

Who needs errors and omissions insurance?

PMO Directors and PPM Administrators are critical players in their organizations. They handle tons of data, sensitive projects in Project Online, clients’ personal information. Minor errors and omissions in portfolio attribution, project scheduling, or resource allocation can have far-reaching consequences. Loss of mission-critical data can even stall the project. If your error harms clients financially, information in your care is leaked or stolen, they can claim damages for negligence. You can also get in trouble with stakeholders or leaders for project delays or missed deadlines, whether it is your fault or not.

Technical issues increase the risk of errors. So, you have Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy. But are you covered? PMOs and PPMs need more. Prevention is better than cure. You need solutions to protect Project Online.

How to avoid data loss?

FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite (G.A. Suite) empowers PMO and PPM directors with the technology eliminating errors and omissions, averting data loss, cutting costs, and avoiding delays. It offers robust Project Online backup and restore helping organizations simplify data protection and management of the Microsoft PPM. This integrated suite of solutions can help PMOs and PPMs avoid technical issues contributing to costly errors and delays. It pulls in information from across the organization’s ecosystem in real-time to support informed decision-making.

With FluentPro G.A. Suite, PMOs and PPMs can use integrated data to surface actionable insights for effective management and planning in the long term. Managing projects in an integrated platform can streamline your workflows, reduce time-wastage.

You can rely on this software for Microsoft Project Online data loss protection and eliminate the frustration of misplaced sensitive information. Managing data in a single platform strengthens its protection. It allows you to always keep track of sensitive information and reduce the risk of data breaches, accidental leaks, and losses. G.A. Suite will be your first line of defense against that troubles.

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What is data loss prevention software?

FluentPro G.A. Suite is an all-in-one toolkit for managing the lifecycle of Microsoft Project Online environments. It is designed to help organizations simplify configuration and data management, implement governance practices for Microsoft Office 365 PPM. It runs on Microsoft Azure guaranteeing data security and confidentiality with robust encryptions. With this software, you can perform a full or partial backup by schedule or on-demand. Users can create multiple backup plans and restore lost projects, configurations, and SharePoint contents quickly. Users can access disaster recovery support via a simple and user-friendly UI.

Apart from Microsoft data loss protection, G.A. Suite also allows PMOs and PPMs to deploy and move configuration changes to Project Online PWA. You can:

  • Create a backup schedule,
  • Perform an on-demand backup,
  • Restore data from a backup copy,
  • Copy PWA Configuration from one PWA to another,
  • Copy project plans and sites from one PWA to another,
  • Generate PWA configuration documentation,
  • Compare two PWA configurations,
  • Create a full copy of the PWA and PWA configuration on Microsoft Azure storage.



Why should you contact the FluentPro team today?

Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy can cover fines and damages if data protection system is installed. But it does not protect from client lawsuits. E&O will not restore trust with disgruntled clients, protect your reputation, or compensate for lost time.

The FluentPro team can help you address specific technical issues in your PMO or PPM processes that increase the risk of errors and omissions. G.A. Suite can help you streamline your workflows and attain error-free, time-efficient, and cost-effective processes. You can rely on the expertise of the FluentPro team to overcome technical issues, maximize organizational time, protect your interests, and increase the business value.

Main business values in using FluentPro G. A. Suite

PMOs and PPMs are all about connecting the dots between the present and the future to deliver results. At FluentPro, we believe in delivering business value by providing you with the technology and insights you need.

  • FluentPro G.A. Suite delivers meaningful data to help you make informed decisions, boost your efficiency and beat project deadlines. You also have access to deeper insights about PWA usage and adoption.
  • It automates PWA administration to reduce your workload, eliminate costs related to human errors, and increase efficiency. To avoid costly data losses, you can rely on Project Online backup and Microsoft Azure storage.
  • G.A. Suite can streamline your processes with the best compliance practices and governance capabilities. It can eliminate poor planning, inefficient budget utilization and improve your project completion rate.
  • It provides effective Project Online data backup and recovery. FluentPro Microsoft backup solution approach is easy to use and secure.

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