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FluentPro DataMart accelerates Project Online reporting

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Data-driven decision-making has become more critical now than ever, fueled by the growing interest in Big Data. PMO Directors and IT Administrators hold more respected positions in the organization as they are awash in massive data. However, essential background operations, data visualization, Project Online reporting must occur to utilize available data successfully. 

Challenges associated with data visualization

When managing thousands of projects in Microsoft Project Online, project reporting and data analysis are critical for productivity, efficiency, and achieving business goals. To make strategic decisions that lead to consistent project success, PMO Directors must have access to the correct data, presented in easy-to-understand dashboards and Project Online reports. Unfortunately, they often encounter difficulties when working with Microsoft Project Online, which necessitates using an advanced business intelligence solution. Some of those difficulties include the following: 

  • Limited reporting capabilities 
  • Subpar project data visibility 
  • Lack of advanced data analytics 
  • Significant time spent designing reports 
  • No opportunities for historical data visualization 

When working with Microsoft Project Online, organizations require a solution that improves reporting capabilities and data visibility. 

Here is a customer success story of how trusted FluentPro DataMart software for Project Online reporting can provide peace of mind for IT administrators and PMO team members. 

Download the full version of how FluentPro DataMart accelerates Project Online reporting for Transport for London


FluentPro DataMart for Project Online reporting

Transport for London enhanced its project reporting capabilities and achieved its business goals through the partnership with FluentPro and the implementation of DataMart. With a centralized repository for reporting purposes and advanced BI tools, Transport for London gained immense benefits: 

  • Increased accuracy of reports 
  • Accelerated effectiveness 
  • Improved project reporting 
  • Greater efficiency 
  • Reduced data loss risks 
  • Improved decision-making 

By delivering unique benefits and helping the company achieve its goals, FluentPro DataMart proved to be a valuable solution for Microsoft Project Online reports. The Transport for London representative was impressed by the responsive and helpful support provided by FluentPro, which was beneficial in ensuring the project’s success. 

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