How to Restore Specific PWA Configuration Elements in Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online PPM software designed to meet all your work needs. You can create, customize, and collaborate your PWAs across a wide range of devices on the platform. But the reality is that your data can get corrupted or lost, costing a lot in downtimes and repairs for your company. An easy solution to this is using Project Online backup and restore, as it can prevent data loss from human error, hardware malfunction, or even application error.


Project Online restore


Why Should You Back Up Project Data?

Data loss increases costs and is a roadblock to the company operations. Stalled projects increase downtimes, damaging the company’s flow of operations. Document corruption, which can happen because of human error, leads to dissatisfied customers who would be reluctant to receive the company’s services again.


Cloud data backup, protecting data, and reliable security are essential to prevent substantial productivity losses and costs. So, it would help if you chose a reliable protection solution for your organization’s project data.


Microsoft offers cloud backup services as part of the platform, but directly managing the service can prove taxing because of the limited time and resources you have. Data in Microsoft Project Online can be very sensitive, and it can take significant effort to restore its original form in the case of data loss. Therefore, it is crucial that you can backup Project Online with reduced downtimes and increased security.

FluentPro G.A. Suite

FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite is an advanced solution providing automated Microsoft Project Online backup and restore.

G.A. Suite uses Microsoft Azure as data storage for your Project Online data and configuration. The service can perform full or partial backups either by schedule or on-demand, with the creation of multiple backup plans if required.


How to Backup and Restore Your Configuration Elements

The G.A. Suite allows you to restore specific PWA configuration elements in Project Online. You first need to back up your data and then restore the specific PWA elements of your choice.


Backing Up Your Data

Using G.A. Suite, you can create your backup schedule. If you prefer to stay flexible, you can also choose to perform an on-demand backup at any point. Log into your account and select the environment you wish to create for the Backup schedule. You can select backup frequency between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options. You have the freedom to select the content that you want to protect. You can choose to backup all your PWA Configuration or just some specific elements.


Backing Up Specific Projects

G.A. Suite allows you to backup specific project plans if needed. You’ll need to log into your account and choose the environment for which you would like to perform a backup.


You can choose the PWA configuration element in the list and launch the backup of your selected item. Once the backup process is completed, the status is updated accordingly on the Data Protection page. On Data Protection page, you can review a list of all recent backups. G.A. Suite allows you to track all the backups you make.


Restoring Specific PWA Elements from Your Backup

With the G.A. Suite, you can also restore specific PWA elements in Project Online. Login to your account and select the environment where you wish to perform data restoration.


The “Protection Management” section has a Data Protection page from where you can restore the specific configuration elements of your choice.
Select the required element and then choose your needed configuration by clicking the “Completed” button. Click the Restore button as the summary page opens. You can also see detailed information about your backup on the Summary page.



On the “Operations Details” page, you can see the backups competed in and quickly view the list. As the operation finishes, you will receive a notification sent to your provided email address.


Knowing which toolset helps manage Microsoft Project Online environments lifecycle can make your life easier. It saves you plenty of time and money to use augmented tools that can use automation to handle your data.


FluentPro G.A. Suite is a perfect fit for Microsoft Project Online backup. It gives you enhanced privacy to securely store your data, which eventually prevents risks of data loss. Automated backup and restore help you manage project data securely and recover specific elements quickly when data loss happens.


Ultimately, the solution reduces data loss risks and other damage caused by human errors. You receive solid and reliable protection with the G.A. Suite. With automated Project Online backup and restore, your data remains safe and protected.


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