Integration Hub: Connecting Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Outlook

Integration Hub: Connecting Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Outlook


Integration Hub: Connecting Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Outlook


FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based, middleware integration solution for connecting Project and Portfolio, Work Management, and Financial Management systems. The connector we will describe in the article below is Office 365 Outlook.

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Why is there a need?


Similar to other FluentPro Integration Hub connectors, this integration scenario is aimed primarily at providing more information visibility and insight to team members. Specifically, integration with Office 365 Outlook enables organizations to bring the tasks marked for synchronization to the team member’s Office 365 Outlook as events on their Calendar. The sync is one-directional and can run both on schedule and on demand. Tasks are created and managed in Project Online as part of projects by Project Managers and then automatically synchronized to the Office 365 Outlook Calendars. This way, team members can see their tasks in the familiar environment they use on a daily basis without a need to switch between different tools; they can view their plans for the current or upcoming weeks and better plan their days. Connecting Microsoft Project Online & Office 365 Outlook is easier than ever before.



How exactly does it work?


The setup itself is extremely simple, and the process of creating and syncing a task looks like this:


1. You create a new project or open an existing one in Project Online.




2. Then you add a new task with the defined title and start and finish dates, and add an assignment(s).



3. Follow by setting the ‘Create event’ custom field to ‘Yes.’



4. Finally, run integration link.



A calendar event with defined parameters is created in Office 365 Outlook Calendar.




The following Project Online task values will be migrated to Office 365 Outlook:


  • Project Online → Office 365 Outlook
  • Task Name → Event Name
  • Start Date → Start
  • Finish Date → End
  • Resource Name → Attendee



Additionally, this integration scenario supports:


  • Event deletion: if a task has been removed in Project Online, it will be deleted in Office 365 Outlook as well.
  • Multiple assignments: resources from multiple assignments from Project Online will be added to Outlook as attendees.



Business value


The key value this integration provides is that each project member has permanent access to the tasks and activities assigned to them, synced with their Calendar, and will receive notifications. This means all the team members are in sync without any additional manual work or effort spent, and this allows team members be more effective in their work planning.


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