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Integration With Microsoft Project Online

Reading Time: 3 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Lightweight Project Management Using Microsoft Office 365 Planner

Implementing a working project management platform in an organization is a challenging task. The platform must account for the needs and desires of the business, stakeholders, and sponsors and simultaneously provide intuitive, easy-to-use tools for teams so they can collaborate and work on projects smoothly and cohesively to achieve maximum results.

Microsoft Office 365 is compatible with two products for project management: Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft Project Online

Project Online is an advanced platform for Enterprise Project Management and Program and Portfolio Management with advanced functionality for intake and execution of projects, portfolio analysis and prioritization, and resource management. It is a true Enterprise Project Management Platform that is used by tens of thousands of organizations, and it delivers the consolidated PPM view and visibility that businesses and PMOs need.


Project Online project center view


Microsoft Office 365 Planner

With the power and advanced functions of Project Online comes increased complexity. Team members of some organizations find the Project Online User Interface a bit complicated. Luckily, Microsoft has another product, Microsoft Planner for Office 365, that is a more lightweight Project Management product. Microsoft Planner enables teams to work and collaborate on their projects and tasks using a more intuitive UI and still benefit from all the functionality available in Office 365 Groups, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Skype, to name a few.


Office 365 Planner Hub

As we can see, these are two different worlds, and they are disconnected. Can organizations benefit from using both platforms? Is Microsoft Planner Project Online integration essential?  The answer is YES.

FluentPro PPM Express

FluentPro Software offers a unique suite of products called PPM Express® Plus. The suite includes a complete, ready-to-use configuration for Project Online for project, program, and portfolio management, as well as a set of over 20 reports and dashboards for project and portfolio reporting and FluentPro Integration Hub for connecting Project Online and Planner, so all information flows between systems automatically – new projects are created in Planner. Task progress and actuals flow back to Project Online.

By providing practical tools to team members, the organization empowers them by helping them to work together more effectively. Team members start with Microsoft Teams app, integrate Planner Plans with it, and use it for all collaboration, file sharing, teamwork, and video calls. Equipped with these tools, they can integrate all project-related information from other systems and maximize the results of their time and effort.

Using FluentPro PPM Express, organizations can achieve maximum engagement and collaboration within and between project teams. Business leaders can view the latest, current states of projects with increased speed of project updates and over 20 reports. PMOs can focus on optimizing the project management process – project planning and execution practices. As a result, the project management maturity level increases.

Project Online - Office 365 Planner Integration


Benefits for organizations:

  • High level of engagement of team members in the organization
  • Use of all the latest features of Microsoft Office 365 Groups
  • Access to reliable reports of the state of projects
  • Complete portfolio visibility for optimal resource management, portfolio analysis, and prioritization
  • Easy reporting using over 20 reports and dashboards
  • Low cost of ownership, re-use of standard Office 365 licenses, and instant deployment
  • Easy Project Online integration

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Integration With Microsoft Project Online

If you’d like to know how to make Planner and Project Online work together visit our Planner-Project Online Integration Page

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