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Maximizing Project for the Web: A Closer Look at FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator

Reading Time: 4 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Project for the Web for project portfolio management, present the FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator key features for extending Project for the Web functionalities, and show the advantages of using solutions together.

What is Project for the Web?

Project for the Web is one of Microsoft’s numerous web-based tools designed to help project managers work on and manage projects. It has a user-friendly interface with robust capabilities for result-oriented project portfolio management. Your project team can use it to plan and efficiently work on informal projects of any size. 

The software is built around the Microsoft Power Platform, and its functionality includes Project Home, Project for the Web roadmap, and more. 

Why Project Managers Seek to Maximize Project for the Web

Keen to manage their project portfolios efficiently to ensure everything is completed successfully, project managers employ robust project management tools like MS Project for the Web. Unfortunately, not all their Microsoft Project initiatives turn out precisely as planned.  

Some features may be limited, or organizations may face some other challenges connected with configuration and setup. 

The Three Main Challenges Associated with Using Project for the Web

Project managers that use Project for the Web as part of their Microsoft 365 groups of project management systems face specific challenges.  

  • Deployment challenge. Project managers using Microsoft Project for the Web face a lot of complexities and potential delays in project execution. This is because the system is complex to deploy, especially for new portfolio managers. Configuring the system also takes some time, which may hamper the speedy execution of priority projects. 
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  • Added cost. Project managers wish to maximize profit while minimizing costs. Unfortunately, Project for the Web can be costly, especially considering the time it would take to train several staff to oversee the system. That means incurring further expenses that may negatively affect your ROI.  
  • Limited portfolio management. Some of the internal challenges project managers face include the allocation and prioritization of resources. A centralized system is necessary to manage the available team and workload efficiently and guarantee that everyone does the right thing at the exact time. 

Considering these challenges, it becomes necessary to look for a lasting solution. A tool that can simplify deployment, configuration and provide more capabilities will suffice. But what tool is best? 

A Third-Party Guide is Key to Overcoming Complexities

Fortunately, a great solution exists that has helped hundreds of project, program, and portfolio managers navigate the complexities of using MS Project for the Web. That solution is called FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator. It is the tool that spurs organizations to achieve their objectives. 

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Get Started with Project for the Web Portfolio Accelerator

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator provides a quick start and fully managed deployment for Microsoft Project for the Web. Organizations don’t need to take part in complex configuration and deployment processes. On the contrary, you can save time and get a fine-tuned Microsoft Project for the Web environment quickly and effortlessly. 


How FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator Helps to Maximize Project for Web Functionalities

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator is a cloud-based, third-party solution that helps make Project for the Web work better. It provides extensive features to help you start quickly and extend the functionalities. 

  • FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator gives project managers an instant start. You no longer need to worry about hiring external consultants before you can deploy your projects for execution.  
  • The software eliminates all complexities and manages your deployment fully, saving you a lot of time and money.  
  • FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator automates your environment with fine-tuned configuration. That means you can adapt Project for the Web to suit your organization’s needs.  
  • FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator offers customizable fields, views, and predefined reports for better decision-making. This flexibility offers organizations a genuinely unique project portfolio management approach. In other words, you can better meet your specific needs by using these capabilities, giving you more control over your PPM procedures. 
  • Additional capabilities for budget management and allocation. 
  • Access pre-defined Power BI reports and real-time dashboards to better understand project progress and improve your decision-making process. 



Act Now to Avoid Failure Tomorrow

To ensure success, you must first grasp the risks of not using a tool like FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator for Project for the Web. You risk losing project efficiency, missing deadlines, and having disgruntled stakeholders if you do not implement a thorough PPM strategy. The implications of failing to handle these difficulties include a tarnished reputation, missed opportunities, and reduced value. 

Get More Value with Project for the Web Portfolio Accelerator FluentPro

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator adds more value to your business through the following benefits: 

  • Tremendous project efficiency by automating manual processes and centralizing project management. You can channel your efforts toward strategic decision-making for project success.  
  • Instant start and quick deployment bolster project management initiatives and fosters positive outcome that leaves project team fulfilled.  
  • Time and effort saved with all work done by professionals. 
  • Demonstrate the positive ROI of your projects and enhance company growth. 
  • Tailor-made customization and optimization for your specific business needs. 
  • No extra Project for the Web training is needed. 

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