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Microsoft Demo Image Deployment for Office 365 Tenants

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

At FluentPro, we develop solutions that help our partners to be more efficient while implementing Microsoft Project Online for their customers. With the release of FluentPro G.A. Suite in December 2017, we made available several new, exciting features that proved to be in demand and highly effective.

The FluentPro team is proud to introduce another new feature: the ability to deploy a standard Microsoft Demo Image with content to the Office 365 Tenant end customer instead of using Microsoft Office Demo Image Deployment Tenants.

We designed FluentPro G.A. Suite to simplify operations, thanks to an easy-to-use UI. This tool provides all the essential capabilities we want to see available in Project Online. Ideally, it fits teams that want to have fully controlled Microsoft Project Online Environments.

Offer details

FluentPro allows partners standard Microsoft Demo Image deployment with content to the Office 365 Tenant end customer instead of using Microsoft Office Demo Tenants, so end customers can play with the Image and get familiar with Microsoft Project Online functionality and capabilities.

As part of the offer, by deploying FluentPro G.A. Suite for the end customer, you will also provide Configuration Change Management and Backup capabilities for 2 PWAs (with a backup limit of 25 unique projects) for an entire year.

Your company benefits from this approach by significantly decreasing deployment time and delivering optimized and documented configurations to your customers. On top of that, you will be able to provide additional value to your customers: Configuration Change Management for 2 PWAs and Backup functionality for up to 25 of their most critical projects (for 12 months).

Benefits for end customers

  • Disaster recovery capabilities implemented
  • Change management tools implemented
  • Documented environments
  • Faster implementation time

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