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Project Backup for Microsoft
Project for the Web

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Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Organizations use modern project management tools such as Microsoft Project for the Web to manage hundreds of projects at once. These project systems contain numerous mission-critical data, and one mistake in data migration, sharing, and management can disrupt operations. PMO directors are looking for the best project backup solutions to eliminate the risk of losing crucial data.

The problem with modern project management systems

Managing multiple projects and consistently updating data in project management systems comes with a critical risk: data loss. Unfortunately, many systems such as Microsoft Project for the Web offer no data protection. Data loss occurs mainly from human errors—negligence, unintentional deletion of crucial files—and system crashes. Data loss causes serious downtime, financial, and productivity loss. The chances of such errors occurring are high, and organizations can no longer afford to watch from the sidelines while this happens. In fact, 33% of company system data is unprotected, without backup and restore solutions. Malware and ransomware also pose serious risks, indicating that companies are regularly exposed to data loss. Therefore, organizations must adopt solid backup solutions to prevent business disruption.

Ease your data loss anxiety with a backup solution

FluentPro Backup is one of the best solutions for backup and restore. This solution can help you avoid losing critical data during a crisis, and it’s already been adopted by hundreds of companies, including the Fortune 500.

FluentPro Backup is a cloud-based solution that provides reliable protection for all your portfolio activities in Microsoft Project for the Web. Once it’s up and running, it creates data backups automatically. If data loss or corruption occurs, you can restore the data from a backup copy. You don’t have to worry about losing sensitive data, file corruption, ransomware attack, or human errors.

The process is simple. Sign up to the FluentPro Backup platform and protect your information using this automated and reliable solution.

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Microsoft Dataverse backup

In addition to Microsoft Project for the Web backup, FluentPro Backup provides reliable protection for Microsoft Dataverse tables. You can back up table data automatically and restore it in case of accidental deletion. FluentPro Backup for Microsoft Dataverse also provides granular restore. That means you can restore only specific records from a particular table.

Failure to have a backup and restore solution leads to significant losses

Organizations that do not take their data protection seriously lose financially and productively. Choose the best backup solution for your Microsoft Project for the Web to keep your business uninterrupted and your clients happy. FluentPro Backup for Project for the Web is the only solution that guarantees full backup and recovery of crucial data.

Download case study and learn how to protect projects with an automated backup and restore solution

Get unrivaled success with FluentPro Backup for your organization

There is a lot to gain from using the FluentPro Backup solution.

  • You’re guaranteed a dependable backup and recovery solution 24/7 for the most crucial information.
  • All data is backed up automatically. If your team commits one or more errors with crucial data, you can conveniently continue working, knowing that your data is easily recoverable.
  • A secure cloud-based backup solution reduces downtime and eliminates financial and productivity loss.
  • All data is securely stored in Microsoft Azure.

Many organizations adopt FluentPro Backup for its secured and guaranteed backup and restore options. FluentPro Backup recovers damaged or lost data from a backup copy, and you don’t need to be an expert to operate it: the full backup and restore automation requires minimal support and maintenance, making it especially appealing during a data crisis.

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