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Reporting in Office Planner with EPM Pulse

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Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Solving reporting in Office Planner

Reporting can be tricky at times. It takes substantial time and effort to collect the required data, and it can be very challenging to make your report look just the way you want it to look. Dashboard design and development processes can require vast amounts of time and effort from you and your team.

Reporting in Office Planner

We at FluentPro have developed a powerful tool that gives you complete control and enables you to visualize the data how you want to see it. No more countless hours with the report developer, infinite design and review meetings, and endless waiting for dashboards and reports that you need right now.

Reporting in Office Planner

FluentPro EPM Pulse offers self-service data visualization and reporting in Office Planner users and dashboard design and reporting capabilities. With EPM Pulse, users can build portfolio and project dashboards along with reports for Office 365 Planner in minutes. There are over 30 prebuilt charts available that display real-time project information, drill down to details, and allow sharing of dashboards with others. There are a few: portfolio roadmap, project analysis, executive summary, PMO overview, team overview, and resource dashboard.

Reporting in Office Planner


And significantly, users can instantly adjust dashboards to address changing requirements without waiting for IT or report developers.

EPM Pulse is a unique tool to help Office 365 users to visualize portfolio data and report scenarios using 30 widgets. Use its power to build and update dashboards quickly and easily!

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