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Smartsheet Backup vs. FluentPro Backup

July 25, 2022

Today, businesses are data-driven. Organizations are capturing vast amounts of data and using it to make better decisions. The success of organizations in meeting their performance goals largely depends on the speedy availability of relevant data. Every project manager wishes to access timely, accurate data when needed.

Smartsheet is an online spreadsheet-like collaboration platform allowing to track customers’ information, assign tasks, and easily monitor activities.

Challenges of Smartsheet technologies

Smartsheet is essential to enhancing collaborations among team members, as it allows for easy project sharing. However, issues such as data loss due to human error are common. It hinders collaboration, derailing the completion of projects. In the worst-case scenario, organizations may be accused of negligence leading to court cases and significant financial losses in damages.

Why we developed a data backup service

To prevent these challenges, you need a reliable Smartsheet backup that ensures you still have access to your pertinent data in case of a loss. Access should be immediate to allow you to continue with your projects uninterrupted. That’s why we’ve developed the FluentPro Backup platform providing automated Smartsheet backup and restore.

FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet features

FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet provides automatic backup of your chosen items, eliminating the need for manual backups. Select your data and set up how often to run Smartsheet backup.

Running on Microsoft Azure, FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet is entirely secure. Moreover, you can access your files without downloading and storing them on your machine, saving you storage space.

The system also allows you to access backed-up data whenever needed. FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet offers an automatic restore of the point-in-time backup version.

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Smartsheet native backup vs. FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet

Smartsheet functionalities include backup too. So, to better understand how FluentPro Backup is different from the native Smartsheet backup, see the detailed comparison in the table below.


Smartsheet Backup FluentPro Backup
Backup to a ZIP folder in Excel files. The folder may be huge if it contains many attachments. Backup to a secure Microsoft Azure storage. You don’t need to download and store data on your machine.
Backup is available using the link only for seven days. Backups are stored for the entire period of your subscription.
Backup should be requested manually. Backup of the selected entities is done automatically with the needed frequency.
Recurring backup can be done only once per week on the weekends. There are two schedule settings for the backup. Active projects can be backed up a few times daily once they are modified. Other non-modified projects can be protected once every few days.
Smartsheet can back up separate Sheets and Sheets in the whole Folder or Workspace. There is no option to back up Users or Groups. FluentPro Backup supports the backup of Sheets, their Folders, and Workspaces with details, Users, and Groups.
Workspace Shares, Sheet Shares, and Access are not backed up. Backup of Workspace Shares, Sheet Shares, and Access is supported.
Sheets are backed up without Settings. Backup of the Sheet/Project Settings is supported.
Cell column values are saved in the text/number format. The column types, settings, and cell value formats are saved.
Only file attachments are downloaded to separate folders; link attachments are not saved. Attachments of all types are backed up.
Smartsheet Restore Restore with FluentPro Backup
There is no direct restore option. Sheet can be imported from an Excel file.

Sheet cannot be restored with its Workspace and Folder.

FluentPro Backup offers the restore of Workspaces with Folders, Groups, and Sheets together or separately. You can choose which version to restore.
The restore process is automatic and many items can be restored at once.
There is no choice for how to restore your Sheet. It can only be imported from Excel as a separate new Sheet. There are a few ways to restore your Sheet:

·       create a copy (a version of the Sheet from a chosen date);

·       merge with the existing Sheet, updating it from the backup;

·       create a new Sheet, deleting the previous one.

Workspace Shares, Sheet Shares, and Access are not restored. Workspace Shares, Sheet User, Group Shares, and Access are restored.
Sheets are restored without preserving the settings. Most important Sheet/Project Settings are restored.
Most columns of other types are added as text/number columns. Cell column values are added in the text/number format. For example:

Contact List: Assignments are added in the text format. Only username is added, without linking to a user or contact.
Dropdown column: Values List is not restored; values are added as text.
Duration: Added as text/number.
Predecessors: Added as text without restoring dependencies.

Columns are restored with their original types. Cell values are added in the correct format as in the original Sheet. Almost all columns are supported.
Attachments are not restored. File and link attachments are restored.
Proofs, Comments/Discussions are not restored. Proofs, Comments/Discussions are restored.



There are many key differences between the native Smartsheet backup and the FluentPro Backup platform. With FluentPro Backup for Smartsheet, your organization gets immense benefits:

  • Automated continuous backup
  • Automated restore of point-in-time backup version
  • Reduction of data loss or other damages related to human errors
  • Complete security of all your data

These benefits ensure that organizations meet their project management goals – without worrying about data loss.

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