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Quick Access via Keyboard Shortcuts
in Project Online

Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

External keyboard with keyboard shortcuts appears to be the more effective way of working with Microsoft Project Online for many of its users. Moreover, there are users with mobility or vision disabilities, and keyboard shortcuts may be a much more comfortable alternative for them than using the touchscreen or a mouse. This article will help you learn more about keyboard shortcuts in Project Online.


Navigate Across Project Online


Use the following controls to navigate around the Project Web App:

Move selection between links in the main link bar. Alt+J
Moving the selection from one web part to the next web part on pages that use several web parts. Alt +]
Deploying drop-down list. Alt + down arrow


Grid Controls

Both Microsoft Project Online and the Web client of Microsoft Project Server 2019, use the very convenient keyboard shortcuts to navigate to different parts of the web page. Some of the pages in Project Online use HTML-based grid controls and some of them use AJAX grid controls. For HTML-based pages, such as Tasks, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Go to the next cell or row. Right arrow key or tab key
Go to the previous cell or line. Left Arrow key or Shift + Tab key
Move up. Up arrow key
Move down. Down Arrow Key or Enter
Scroll to the URL in the selected cell. Enter
Move to the header cell. Ctrl + Y
Removing the selection of the selected cell. Esc
Go to the last cell or row. Ctrl + End
Move to the first cell or row. Ctrl + Home
Enable or disable line selection. Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Expand the drop-down menu in the header Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Deploy or collapse grouping Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Deploying a group; Collapse group; Expand or collapse the element. Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Open the cell drop-down menu. Alt + down arrow


In the AJAX grid, for example, on the Project Details page, you can use the following shortcuts:

Activate cell edit mode F2
Go one page up Page Up
Down one page Page Down
Decrease the level of the selected task Alt + Shift + right arrow
Increase the level of the selected task Alt + Shift + left arrow
Cancel input or edit Esc
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Cut selection Ctrl + X
Delete Dedicated Data DELETE or Ctrl + V or Ctrl + Z
Delete a line Ctrl + Delete
Go to the first field in the row Home
Go to the first line Ctrl + up arrow

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