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10 Key Questions to Ask Your Microsoft Project Online Integration Provider

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With so many integration platform providers for Project Online, organizations must be very careful when selecting an integration platform partner. There is a multitude of partner offers for integration platform providers that are deceptively attractive through appealing marketing language and nice-looking diagrams but lead to a total waste of money, time, and effort because they offer less than a complete solution. We at FluentPro have provided a list (below) of some common attributes your organization should require from an integration vendor. FluentPro Integration Hub, which delivers all 10 attributes, is an Enterprise Ready cloud service connecting your entire business system line to Project Online.

1. Support

Is there a dedicated team available around the clock to support the operation of the platform? Is the knowledge of the Support Team for Microsoft Project Online comprehensive, and do they work closely with the integration platform Product Team?

2. SLA

Does the vendor make available the published metrics of the service? Is the vendor willing to guarantee service levels?

3. Security of Project Online Integration

Does the provider offer a robust security architecture, protocols, and documented processes?

4. Scalability

Has the integration solution been tested to ensure that it can handle large volumes of data through multiple integrations?

5. Project Online Integration Product Flexibility

Can the vendor quickly manage connections to multiple systems without costly custom development cycles?

6. TCO

Is the vendor masking custom integrations through the costly setup and custom development? Over 3 years, what is the total cost of ownership, including requirements for adjustments to the platform? Will the platform be updated as Project Online is updated, and who performs the updates?

7. Vendor Track Record

Does the vendor have a dedicated development team and track record for offering cloud products and services for Project Online?

8. Product Roadmap

Is there a defined product roadmap for the integration service platform?

9. Usability

Can a non-developer administrator establish connections to Project Online from other work management systems and operate the platform?

10. Project Online Integration Monitoring

Will your organization receive alerts when integrations do not occur? Does the product allow an administrator to inspect the integrations through logs as the events happen?

If all of these criteria are met, your initiative will have a high probability of success, which means the ability to integrate and report on data from multiple work management systems in Project Online. Speed to market, accuracy, data integrity and reliability of the integration service are all critical for an effective Project Online integration initiative. Relying on FluentPro Integration Hub cloud service, your organization will exceed expectations in all areas for an effective and successful experience.

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