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Archiving information in Microsoft Project Online

Archiving Information in Microsoft Project Online



Archiving Information in Microsoft Project Online


In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed a disaster recovery scenario using FluentPro G.A. Suite. This time, we’ll go over a slightly different data management use case that is very common for large organizations.

Imagine a company where thousands of projects are created each year, and all this data has to be stored and readily available for at least 3-5 years due to legal requirements or internal policies. At some point, excessive data starts to slow down system performance, and it becomes extremely hard to work with it and to find necessary information. Additionally, all this can lead to challenges and changes in reporting strategy.



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FluentPro G.A. Suite – an SAAS platform – encompasses a complete, easy-to-use toolset to help companies manage the lifecycle of Microsoft Project Online environments, as well as governance capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 PPM.


Among other features, FluentPro G.A. Suite provides archiving information in Microsoft Project Online capability that allows users to move data from one PWA to another in just a few clicks. This way, users can move projects and project sites from their production PWA to an “archive” site and then delete them from the production PWA. Just like that, users can create an archive copy of old projects that is available to them at any moment without any extra effort.


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This particular feature makes FluentPro G.A. Suite a valuable tool for large companies having a huge number of projects that can’t be backed up just yet and need to be archived. It automates the project archiving process and makes data available to users at any time.



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