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Extend Microsoft Project for the Web
with Power Platform

Reading Time: 3 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Project management is one of the most data-driven fields. As a Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager, you need as much data as possible to ensure successful project completion. Project for the Web is the latest Microsoft PPM solution built on Microsoft Power Platform. To adopt and extend Project for the Web functionality, you can benefit from a robust portfolio accelerator app.

Why do organizations need to extend Microsoft Project for The Web?

Project managers handle complex projects with risks, resource allocation needs, and tight timelines. These complexities create numerous project management challenges.

  • Management: As a PM, you must efficiently manage portfolios, programs, and projects to beat pressing deadlines.
  • Budget: PMs must review budget requests and allocate funds according to their organization’s strategy. Without an accelerator app, your budget may not meet stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Risks: PMs need efficient solutions to identify and prevent risks. A single incorrect click can worsen existing issues in your projects and portfolios when using Microsoft PPM.
  • Changes: PMs change inputs to align with project scope and meet strategic business goals. The risk of scope confusion increases if you fail to manage and control project changes.

These features are not available out of the box in Project for the Web. Extending Project for the Web functionality can address these challenges. This Microsoft PPM solution is built on the Dataverse platform, allowing customization and extensibility. It stores data in the Dataverse and comes with extendable entities, such as projects and tasks.

Product adoption should not be frustrating

Project management requires efficient data collection, risk management, governance, and more. Can you adopt a new PPM if you don’t know how to implement these requirements? No.

Extending Project for the Web allows you to collect data, enforce governance frameworks, manage risks, and address project management complexities. Using the best solution to streamline Project for the Web extension can hasten product adoption.

How to extend Project for the Web with Power Platform

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator is built on Microsoft Power Platform and extends Microsoft Project for the Web functionality. This solution provides project financial management, customized PPM strategy, risk prevention, change control, and more. Portfolio Accelerator offers robust features to extend Project for the Web.

  • Portfolio Accelerator allows you to create portfolios and projects using bottom-to-top or high-level planning.
  • It provides easy-to-use tools for gathering, analyzing, and processing information for managing your PPM lifecycles. It enhances PPM management efficiency.
  • It simplifies budget allocation with a context-specific Budget Allocation module. With this module, you can implement efficient budget reviews and strategic allocation of funds.
  • Portfolio Accelerator provides risks and issues management capabilities. It automatically records these issues created for projects, programs, and portfolios.
  • Portfolio Accelerator supports the needs of all project management professionals in your company, from PMs, PMOs, PPMs, team leaders, and members.

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator is a must-have to extend Project for the Web functionality and streamline your PPM processes.

Microsoft Project for the Web

Use the best solution to avoid complexities

PMs need unrestricted access to all PPM data to manage their projects, portfolios, and programs more efficiently. Extending Project for the Web functionality without an efficient solution is complex and time-consuming. You can waste time on ideation, project creation, budget request reviews, and manual risk identification and reporting. The best solution can address all these complexities, simplify the extension of Project for the Web, and hasten product adoption.

Download FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator for Microsoft Project for the Web overview to get more details.

Benefits of using FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator to Extend Project for the Web

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator extends Project for the Web into a robust PPM solution. Here are the benefits of extending this project portfolio management software.

  • Quick Start: Portfolio Accelerator allows you to configure and customize Project for the Web to your project management processes and needs. It accelerates product adoption and ensures you start using your PPM as quickly as possible.
  • Improved Portfolio Management: FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator configures the Project for the Web environment and automates PPM functionalities. It can eliminate complexities and simplify your PPM lifecycles.
  • Save Time: Automation eliminates manual tasks and PPM processes. For example, Portfolio Accelerator’s context-specific Budget Allocation module shortens the process to review project budget requests. It delivers up to 90% in time-saving.
  • Eliminate Risks: Portfolio Accelerator helps you identify risks before they become problematic. It allows you to promote identified risks into issues and provides predefined reports for efficient decision-making.

Extending Project for the Web can simplify your PPM lifecycles. As a PMO, PPM, and PM, you can rely on FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator to automate this process and hasten product adoption.

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