FluentPro G. A. Suite Updates Digest: What’s New in May?

We are happy to announce that this May we rolled out the second major part of G.A. Suite User Interface updates – Data Protection page. We hope you will enjoy using G.A. Suite with the new UI functionality! Please review these new features, improvements, and fixes for May 2020.

New Features:


  • Status notifications feature for exceeding license limits has been improved. The notification email now includes the summary information about the operation and the list of all items: completed/failed/skipped (similarly to the Operation Details page => Summary information).
  • An ability to restore a project with a new name ‘Project name Copy’.

1) Data Protection Page.

G.A. Suite Data Protection page functionality became even more powerful. It now allows you to quickly backup and restore a single project/site/configuration element as well as launch an on-demand backup of all elements at one go.

Now you can review the completed backups per project/site/configuration element, review the details for the completed or failed backup of each element separately.

You can find the required project easily using the search options and select to review only the unprotected projects or only the protected ones. Also, you can review the list of failed backups only.



Also, the general user interface has been updated on the pages with data selection.